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February 2002


Dear Classmates:


Thanks again for all your emails, cards, and pictures.  After this issue, I still have a few left over to share with classmates so please bear with me.



News from Classmates 


Chris Sanger writes that he retired (at least partially) early last May.  �I am going to reduce my schedule to three days per week as Exec VP and General Counsel for Transwestern Commercial Services, a commercial real estate services firm with offices in twenty-eight cities in the US�and spend the rest of my time pursuing all the pleasurable and psychically rewarding activities I�ve never had time for since 1966.  I hope to follow Al Ryan�s lead and do rather than just advise.  Otherwise, nothing else new---same wife, kids, etc.  Trying to age gracefully, but it ain�t easy.�  Chris can be reached at chris_sanger@


From Wally Hodges:   �Still doing internal medicine, geriatrics, adolescent medicine in the Minor & James Clinic in Seattle.  Still like saving lives.  Still work 6 days per week, 14 hour days.  Still not rich!  Never have gotten around to checking up on Truman Sasaki in Portland.  Kathy and I going strong after 11 years.  All kids doing well with Stephanie (31) in school here; Jessica (31, a USC graduate) married in Walnut Creek

with husband Manuel and daughter Sofia (1 year); Alison, a Dartmouth �97, in second year at UW Medical School; Chris (21), a junior at Santa Clara; Michael (11), kicking soccer butt.  1 large dog, 4 cats, 1 turtle, semi-domesticated squirrels, birds.  Still running, occasionally climbing/camping.  Cool salmon in the backyard.  Tend my garden.� Truman and other classmates can write Wally at wrhmd @


Randy Adams thought he was joining the growing group of early retirees when he left Firstar Bank in October 2000.  Deciding to participate in a number of community activities in St. Louis, he took a consulting assignment to help the St. Louis Symphony develop a long-range plan to restructure its finances.  Apparently doing an outstanding job, the Board of Directors asked him to become the Symphony�s President and Executive Director.  Randy adds, �A big challenge, but I am excited about the opportunity.�  For free tickets, you can call Randy at 314-286-4150!!


Even older news is a Colorado River rafting trip taken by Dean Spatz, Dick Birnie, Stu Schweizer, Steve Smith, Gary Bryson and families in June 2000. After being rejected by the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (why, one might ask), Larry Geiger was kind enough to submit this photo to the Class of 1966 Newsletter:



(L to R) Front: Mark Spatz, Lowell Smith, Lisy Birnie, Katherine Birney

Second Row: Pietie Birnie, Lucy Schweizer

Third Row: Carol Spatz, Dean Spatz, Dick Birnie, Stu Schweizer, Steve Smith, Jean Smith, Bobbi Bryson

Fourth Row: Sharon Spatz �98, Reid Smith �01, Gary Bryson





Bob Morgan has been �busy with costume design for multiple productions of The Full Monty.  Dartmouth education was critical to the aesthetics of red spandex g-strings�. Bob can be reached at rdmorganjr @


Bill Lunsford writes, �I�ve finally gotten my dream job.  I�ve been in real estate finance  and development my whole career.  I�m now developing affordable housing for families and seniors in the Denver Metro area�.  Bill, hope to see you at the Winter Park, CO mini-reunion in March!  Email for Bill is wjlunsford @


Ed Larner sent lots of news.  He is currently in his second year at Paychex Inc. in San Diego, a corporation that provides tax and payroll services to small businesses.  Oldest son Rusty and wife Wendy bought their first home in Stoneham, MA, where both are working for Authoria, a software developer.  Second son Ross and wife Olga are moving back to San Diego as casualties from the burnout in San Francisco.  However, they had enough saved to take an extended trip to Thailand and Indonesia.  Athletically, Ed is still �in the water�, playing water polo all last year, after surfing throughout 2000 and finishing second in the Pipeline Classic Worlds for the 55+ age group. Ed bemoans the current lack of surf near home; �perfect wave� types and others can reach Ed at tarlarner @


Jeff Futter has become a daddy for the third time in two+ years!!!  Identical twins Allison and Claire were born on October 22 to join sister Jillian (2 years old).  Jeff writes, �For a guy who didn�t get married until he was 49, life has certainly changed!!!  I�m lawyering for Con Ed now and unfortunately had a direct view of the September 11 attack.  Sorry we couldn�t be at this year�s reunion�we�ll look forward to the next one.�  Jeff and Susie are living in Cold Spring Harbor, NY; those with info on Section 529 Plans and/or Education IRA�s can email Jeff at futterj @ 


Speaking of twins, pictured below are Bill and Jane Higgins holding granddaughters Claire and Haley.  However, unlike the Futters, at the end of the day the girls can be returned to daughter Molly and son-in-law Rich, both Dartmouth �91�s!




Will Morgan has changed jobs and is now teaching at Wheaton College.  Living in Providence, RI, he can be reached at sircwren @


A change of venue is also in store for Jim Cason.  In September he will be going to Havana, Cuba as Chief of Mission to the US Interests Section for a three year term.  Jim is currently living in McLean, VA with an email of jimccason @  


Mike Bromley expressed his disappointment about missing the ski mini-reunion.  Although he lives close by in Colorado Springs, Mike and his family will be scuba diving in the Caymans during late March.  Mike can be reached at rsbromley @


Bob Cowden�s son Rob has been accepted under Early Decision for the Dartmouth College Class of 2006.  Congratulations to Rob!!


Jeremy Reitman sent a holiday email (jeremyreitman @ from Vail, where he ran into Rick Reiss on December 24th.  Obviously an avid skier, Jeremy hopes to join the mini in Winter Park. 


I received the following email from Bill Koelsch:  �I�m starting Chinese at Pasadena City College next month.  I worked at NASA in Houston, then MATRA in France, then various companies and universities in Brazil and other countries of South America, learning languages such as IBM Assembler, MUMPS, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German.  I have retired from software development and sales.  I now teach as a substitute at the local public high schools, travel, and occasionally opine in local politics, especially about the problems faced by the public school system in California.�  Bill, you surely have the Class of 1966 prize for most languages spoken!!  Any challengers??  Those wishing to correspond with Bill in MUMPS can reach him at koelsch @


Awards and Recognition


Recently honored for serving as Alumni District Enrollment Directors and interviewing 100% of the College�s applicants from their areas were Rich Kaiser (Suburban New Jersey) and Jim Byers (Tucson, AZ). 


The Dartmouth College Fund (aka Alumni Fund) awarded the Chairman�s Citation for Outstanding Service to the 2001 Fund to Peter Prichard, Rick Reiss and Bob Spence.  Peter�s award is particularly noteworthy as he was not involved as co-head agent in the fund this year!!!! 


Gus Southworth was named one of the top lawyers in the state by Connecticut Magazine.  A partner and trial lawyer in the firm of Carmody and Torrance of Waterbury, CT, Gus is cited for his experience and accomplishments in civil litigation, in particular his representation of physicians and other health care providers.  The article notes Gus� extensive experience in commercial and defense litigation, as well as experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution matters.  Congratulations, Gus!!


In Memoriam 


Toni Hinderman passed away on August 19 in Anchorage, AK.  Toni was a member of Gamma Delta Chi and the Dartmouth Outing Club and is survived by his son Christian, who can be reached at 3401 W. 64th Avenue, #6, Anchorage, AK 99502-2114.



Class of 1966 Survey


Having devoted the last issue of the Newsletter to issues facing the country, this Newsletter will focus on some of the demographics of our class.  Please keep in mind that only 80 or so classmates and approximately 40 spouses completed the survey, so it is not statistically reliable.   

                                                                                                Classmates       Spouses

            How many times have you been married?


0                                                                                                  5.1%               NA

            1                                                                                                76.3                 88.5

            2                                                                                                15.3                 11.5

            3                                                                                                  3.3                   0.0


Given the overall marriage statistics in the US and Dartmouth�s supposedly high divorce rate, the number of �once married� seems overstated, particularly in light of the responses below.  Polling bias?


            What is your current marital status?


Never married                                                                          5.1%              NA

            Married                                                                                    88.0              100.0

            Divorced                                                                                    6.9                 NA


How many children do you have? 


0                                                                                                11.9%          11.5%

            1                                                                                                11.9                  3.9

            2                                                                                                49.2                57.7

            3                                                                                                22.0                19.2

            4 or more                                                                                  5.0                  7.7


It would seem that we�re fairly typical to the US average, with 2 point something children each.




How old are your children?                                              


  0-12                                                                                          3.3%             0.0%

            13-19                                                                                       12.4                  7.1

            20-29                                                                                       65.3                62.5

            30 or more                                                                              19.0               30.4


Given an average age of 57 at the time of the 35th, it would seem that most of us with children had them in our mid 20�s to mid 30�s.  Judging from the differential in the responses, classmates vs. spouses, it would also appear that spouses with younger children don�t have time to complete surveys!!


            How many grandchildren do you have?


            0                                                                                                84.7%          92.0%

            1                                                                                                11.9                  0.0

            2 or more                                                                                  3.4                  8.0


This is really telling about our kids.  While we were having children at their age, they are not!  If our parents had filled out this survey at age 57, the numbers would probably have been reversed!


                                                                                                                                                            What is your occupation? 


            Business/management                                                       22.4%            0.0%

            Lawyer/judge                                                                          17.2                0.0

            Doctor                                                                                      10.3                 0.0

            Consultant                                                                              10.3                  0.0 

            Housewife                                                                                0.0                23.1

            Teacher/professor                                                                  5.2                11.5

            Accountant/bookkeeper                                                         3.4                  3.8 

            Investment advisor                                                                  3.4                  0.0

            Computer programmer/operator                                         3.4                  0.0

            Psychologist/counselor                                                         0.0                11.5

            Writing/publishing                                                                   0.0                11.5

            Nurse                                                                                         0.0                  7.7

            Retired                                                                                     13.8                15.4

            All Other                                                                                   10.6                15.5


Not too surprising that over 60% of us are involved in business (including consulting), the law, or medicine.  It would have been interesting to survey graduate degrees, which one would suppose would have an equivalent percentage of MBA�s, JD�s, and MD�s..  Interesting also that one in seven of us is retired at age 57.


            Is this occupation different than it was 10 years ago?

            Yes                                                                                         35.1%           38.5%

            No                                                                                           64.9                  61.5


I wonder what the numbers would have been for our parents?  Will be for our kids? 

I will review more of the responses in our next newsletter.


Coming Events


Ski Mini Reunion          Winter Park, CO          March 21-25, 2002


Fall Mini Reunion         Hanover, NH                November 1-2, 2002