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June 2002

Dartmouth Fund

A reminder that the Dartmouth Fund for 2001-2002 ends June 30; please ensure that all pledges and gifts are sent in by this date. Bob Spence has again this year done an excellent job securing assistant class agents, making phone calls, and liaising with Hanover. Last year in conjunction with our 35th Reunion we raised in excess of $620,000, but with participation below 50%. Bob�s objective this year is to get the Class of 1966 back over the 50% hurdle. Every dollar counts so please give as generously as you can.

News from Classmates

Rob Cleary married Judy Hartley in California�s Napa Valley on May 10. Rob notes, �We were joined by many Dartmouth friends�Pete Richardson, Greg Eden, Steve Abram, Steve Zeller, Caleb Loring, Don Graves, and Tony Muller for the next step into the future. We plan to stay at 332 Vine Street in Denver (CO, 80206), but are looking for another place for eventual retirement.� Congratulations to Rob and Judy who promise to send pictures for the next Newsletter.

I noted in the �Shelf Life� section of the May/June issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine that Bill Wilkoff just published Is My Child Overtired? The Sleep Solution for Raising Happier, Healthier Children. This volume follows Bill�s Coping with a Picky Eater, also published by Fireside Books. Bill is a pediatrician with the Bowdoin Medical Group in Brunswick, ME.

David Johnston writes, �It took a while, but I finally found the perfect job, as the Life Skills specialist for Casey family Services, the operating arm of the Anne E. Casey Foundation. Essentially, I�m an internal consultant to our eight divisions in New England and Baltimore---making sure the foster youth we work with have the skills they need to transition into adulthood. My travels take me to Steve Lanfer�s house near Portland, ME � where Steve and Barbara care for three foster kids plus a granddaughter � wow! Hera and my kids continue to amuse us � Rebekah (24) now working in Portland, OR, Mariah a sophomore at Tulane, Alec (18) headed somewhere to college this year, and Isaac (14) a freshman enjoying adolescence.

An article in the March issue of �National Notary� detailed the objectives and strategy of the National Notary Association, while introducing the trade association�s management group. Included is Vice President of Notary Affairs Charles Faerber, who is described in the article as �the country�s leading Notary authority�.

From Eric Treisman: �we have a new baby boy named Alexander. We are also traveling and plan to buy an apartment in either Paris or Amsterdam, if WW III doesn�t break out first.� Eric complains he hasn�t heard from anyone in awhile, so any pending European travelers in search of lodging can reach Eric at!

An article in the February 11 issue of the �Worcester (MA) Telegram and Gazette� notes that Steve Tosi has been appointed Chief Medical Officer of UMass Memorial Health Care. Besides now being directly responsible for the medical staff there, Steve is Chair of the Massachusetts Medical Society�s Committee on Professional Liability and a trustee of the Physician Insurance Agency of Massachusetts. Congratulations, Steve.

Thornton Jordan sent along the photo of him accepting the Georgia Governor�s Award in the Humanities on March 6 in Atlanta. The annual award, sponsored by the Georgia Humanities Council, is given to people who have given major service to cultural institutions. Thornton�s service in three areas led to the Award, as he explains, �One was 30 years of service to Westville, a living history museum- - actually an entire pre-1850 working town - - in Lumpkin, GA. I�ve served on the Board of Trustees, including Chairman, and over the last ten years have restored five formal gardens and initiated and funded an extensive music program. The second was that I bought the Carson McCullers house in Columbus several years ago and am giving it to Columbus State University to be the Center for Writers and Musicians. Finally, my brother and I recently gave a major art work to the Columbus Museum in memory of our father. It is actually a 19-foot boat filled with glass pieces by Dale Chihuly. I suspect that my fascination with this boat is due in part to fond memories of spending many hours on the Connecticut with the Lightweight Crew at Dartmouth.� Congratulations, Thorny, you make us all proud of your community service.

An article in the Winchester (MA) Star noted that Albie Macdonald joined the Massachusetts Business Development Corporation as a director in May. He is currently Executive Director of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, an organization comprised of CEO�s drawn from major Mass businesses to provide leadership in formulating long-term strategies for economic health and social vitality for the state. Prior to joining the Business Roundtable, Albie worked for General Electric and Gulf Oil.

Speaking of directors, Mike Masin is now in his fifth year as director of Citigroup. Vice-Chairman and President of Verizon Communications, Mike also serves the College as a member of the Dean�s Advisory Council.

One of the interesting parts of the job of Newsletter Editor is getting a bimonthly green message card from Peter Dorsen. Peter�s handwriting is not always the easiest to decipher, but his comments are always whimsical. So, for the latest: �I went out to Venice Beach, CA and met with a psychic who told me my child ego was at war with my adult ego which was probably why I was in trouble so much. She suggested I should try to derive less excitement from work and nurture my childlike ego by turning to healthy forms of excitement like white water rafting. My dream has been to hike the Appalachian again, but I might just head up and try bits and pieces of the Lake Superior Trail � it�s a solitary escape � to nurture that kid ego.� Anyone interested in knowing what Peter is smoking can reach him at!!

From Don Glazer: �Noel Fidel was in Boston in early March with his wife and youngest son to see his two older sons, both at Dartmouth, compete in the Eastern Swimming Championships, for which both sons qualified. Noel and his family stayed at my place and we all had a wonderful dinner with Alan and Debbie Rottenberg. Everyone is in good health and doing well.� Noel is currently President of the Dartmouth Alumni Council.

Bill Jacoby writes that he is now working as Director of Housing Development for Community Housing Innovations, a non-profit specializing in affordable and transitional housing serving Long Island, as well as Westchester and Dutchess Counties in NY.

Class of 1966 Survey

Having devoted the last three issues of the Newsletter to issues facing the country, the demographics of our Class, and recreational activities, this issue will focus on retirement plans and charitable activities. Please keep in mind that only 80 or so classmates and approximately 40 spouses completed the survey, so it is not statistically reliable.

                                                                                                 Classmates            Spouses

            At what age do you plan to retire?           
           57-59                                                                                     10.4%        20.00
           60-62                                                                                     31.3            40.0
           63-65                                                                                     16.7            10.0
           66-70                                                                                     14.6            0.0
           70 or more                                                                            4.2            10.0
           Undecided                                                                            10.4            0.0
           As soon as possible                                                            0.0             20.0
           Never                                                                                     12.4            0.0

Responses excluded the 13.8% of classmates who had retired prior to the 35th Reunion.

           When you retire, do you plan to start a second career?

           Yes                                                                                         24.5%        5.0%
           No                                                                                           67.3            95.0
           Don�t know                                                                            8.2            0.0

With so few planning to start a second career, it would have been interesting to probe what activities the retirees plan to engage in.

           Where do you plan to retire?

           Northeast                                                                              29.5%          40.0%
           West Coast/Hawaii                                                             12.6              5.0
           Southeast                                                                             7.4              5.0
           Mid-Atlantic                                                                           4.2              0.0
           Southwest                                                                             2.1              10.0
           Midwest                                                                                 2.1              5.0
           Non-specific USA                                                                5.3              5.0
           Abroad                                                                                   1.1              0.0
           Undecided                                                                            35.7              30.0

Interesting that over a third of us haven�t yet decided on a retirement locale; also interesting is the relatively low appeal of the �Sun Belt�.

            How many hours per month do you engage in charitable activities?

            0                                                                                              13.8%          23.1%
           1-5                                                                                          41.4              38.5
           6-10                                                                                        19.0              15.4
           11-20                                                                                     15.5              15.4
           21 or more                                                                            10.3              7.6

We can be proud of the substantial amounts of time both classmates and spouses devote to charity.                                                                                                       

Mini-Reunion Activities

Al Keiller has started the planning for our 60th (ugh!) Birthday Party in San Francisco/Napa in May of 2004. More details will be available in our next Newsletter.

There is still time to sign up for the Mt. Moosilauke Hiking Trip, August 2-4. Fifteen slots have been reserved for the Lodge; cutoff date to Al is July 8. Details and a sign-up sheet are available.

Sharon Broughton sent in another photo of the Ski Mini at the Urban�s in CO:

(L to R): Gary Broughton, Ed Jereb, Sue Colby, Jon Colby, Toni Urban,
Sharon Broughton, Tim Urban, Karen Serenbetz, Bob Serenbetz and Keith Broughton

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Last month we received word that subscriptions for the Alumni magazine were being increased effective July 1 from $13.88 per year to $19.43. This follows by one year the decision to cut the number of issues per year from nine to six. So, in two years the subscription cost per issue has more than doubled, from $1.54 to $3.24!!! In my humble opinion this increase is largely to be blamed on poor management as expenses were permitted to increase by 5.5% per year (in spite of the cutback in issues) while advertising revenues dropped 6.5%. Beyond operating expenses, the Board of the Magazine, which is separate from the College, approved a $100,000 search fee for a new editor!!!

While I�m sure many of us would like to have a crack at running the magazine (operationally and/or editorially), we are unfortunately stuck with the increase. How to handle it is the subject of a letter from Bill Higgins, Steve Warhover, and Jim Weiskopf below in this Newsletter. Feel free to send us your thoughts.

Dartmouth College

Class of 1966

                                                                                                May 20, 2002

Dear Classmates:

We have been notified that, effective July 1, 2002, The Dartmouth Alumni Magazine will raise its subscription rate for our Class from $13.88 per year to $19.43 per year. This 40% increase has caused your class officers and Executive Committee to review two things:

1.     Our Class of 1966 policy with regard to paying for subscriptions

2.     Our current class dues rate of $40.00 per year

It was decided that we did not wish to increase our dues. Quite a few classes of our vintage charge $50.00 per year, but we do not see the need given our current surplus.

We also decided that, at worst, we would like the Class to operate on a break-even basis each year.

As you may recall, a little over ten years ago, at our 25th reunion, we voted to pay for Alumni Magazine subscriptions for only those classmates who had either paid dues or given to the Dartmouth Fund in the prior four years. We have followed this same policy ever since and reduced the number of �class paid� subscriptions from 750 to an average of 520.

The Executive Committee has now decided that our Treasury will pay for subscriptions for only those classmates who have paid their Class of 1966 dues for the preceding year. Historically, about 380 of us pay our dues in a given year and therefore subsidize about 140 classmates. With the rate increase, this subsidy amounts to over $7.00 per dues payer. Looking at it another way, if we cut subscriptions to the non-dues payers we will be able to fund other projects (reunions, mini-reunions, newsletters, John Sloan Dickey Fellowship-type projects, etc.) by over $2700 per year.

We will implement this policy beginning with the 2002-2003 dues collection period so that all Classmates are aware of the decision. Therefore, we will subsidize the 140 non-dues payers for another year, or until June 2003. Our hope is that a large percentage of them will start paying dues consistently in the future.

Keep in mind that all 750 of our Classmates will continue to receive the Class Newsletter, regardless of their dues-paying status. Bob is committing to six issues per year to insure optimum class communication. The additional Newsletter issues plus the increase in the number of mini-reunions planned by Al Keiller ratchet up our operating expenses, but we prefer this alternative.

We hope you will agree with our decision.

Sincerely yours,    

Bill Higgins, Steve Warhover, and Jim Weiskopf

Class of 1966 Co-Presidents and Treasurer            

Coming Events

Hiking Trip, Mt. Moosilauke, August 2-4, 2002 (click for sign-up sheet)

Fall Mini Reunion, Hanover, NH, November 1-2, 2002

60th Birthday Party, San Francisco/Napa, May 2004