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August, 2002

News from Classmates

Tom Louis wrote, �My somewhat nomadic professional existence has landed me as a Professor of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health. I�m still living in DC (3040 Rodman Street NW), tolerating the commute.�

Ed Kuriansky, who served as New York City�s investigations commissioner from 1996 to 2002, overseeing internal fraud and corruption cases, has joined Citigate Global Intelligence & Security as a senior managing director, leading the company�s investigative group and reporting to its CEO. Ed is a former federal and state prosecutor and was a partner at the Manhattan law firm of Kalkines, Arky, Zall & Bernstein LLP. He also served as New York State Deputy Attorney General and Special Prosecutor for Medicaid Fraud Control. Ed can be reached at

Congratulations are also in order to George Trumbull, who has been named Chairman & CEO of NYMAGIC, an insurance holding company specializing in writing ocean marine, inland marine, and non-marine liability insurance. George had previously been CEO of AMP, Ltd. in Australia from 1994-99. While NYMAGIC�s offices are in New York, George will still be living in Simsbury, CT.

Seems like Rob Cleary started a marriage trend! Bill Cooper writes: �I�ve completed my contract at the Michigan Law School, teaching legal research, writing, and analysis to a pretty impressive bunch of youngsters, 5 of whom (over the three year period) were Dartmouth alums. Just to assure a strong finish to my Ann Arbor experience, my long-term partner, Bonnie Devine and I were wed on June 7, in a small ceremony. My brother, a Dartmouth �62, and my mentor, who went to college �somewhere in New Haven�, and their wives were among the cheering section. My godfather, a maternal uncle who landed on Omaha Beach the day I was born, and his son rounded out the throng.� Bill will be teaching similar material at the John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, residing at 2764 Cosmos Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30345-1353. Emailers can reach Bill at wlcoop44 @

Bonnie and Bill Cooper

Jim Lustenader sent word that Gus and Susan Southworth had visited Liz and Jim in Princeton to watch son Hunter row for Colgate. Based on a successful season, Hunter�s Colgate crew rowed in the Henley regatta in England, watched by Gus and Susan.

A bit of reminiscing from John Harbaugh: �I�m teaching in high school and community college now and often see the same students in both places. I think often about outstanding Dartmouth professors - - - John Hurd, Peter Bien, James Cox - - - and I try to include something I learned from each of them. From Professor Hurd I learned how to appeal to young people through humor, a smile and a shared meal with a glass of sherry. I also learned how to correct writing mistakes and avoid making them again by cracking the grammar book. From Peter Bien I learned to compose and deliver a literary lecture that revealed many aspects of a great novel. My appreciation for James Joyce comes from reading �The Dead� and �Ulysses�. Finally, from James Cox comes an excitement about Faulkner and Frost that always evokes my smile.�

Further news from Randy Adams, who you will recall from the February Newsletter had been named President and Executive Director of the St. Louis Symphony. �After some harrowing Chapter 11-type months, we are still open for business. But this was accomplished after raising $50 million, re-negotiating the musicians� contract, and cutting $6 million out of a $26 million operating budget. Lots of symphonies have financial problems, but this is the first �top ten� symphony and the industry is watching closely.�

Bill Gibson writes, �I just bought my first pick-up truck. It�s sort of Dartmouth green. As I drive around listening to appropriate truck music (blues, country, twisted stuff by lunatics like Warren Zevon), I feel myself dissolving into my regional red-neck roots. Oh, well.� Those wishing to save Bill can send old Mozart and Beethoven CD�s to him at 1315 Brookstone Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

Jackie Larner sent the following update on husband Jack Lewis: �A successful corporate lawyer for 30 years and successfully married for 24. Has two outstanding children, Jonathan Larner-Lewis, Dartmouth Class �03 and Jacey Larner-Lewis, 16, Colorado Academy. Jack loves tennis and is currently acting President of USTA Intermountain section and is humor columnist for Colorado Tennis Magazine where he frequently demonstrates how tennis can be an integrative experience with law partners, wife and children, none of whom love the sport as much as he.�

In the last issue of �Along Route 66� I implied that one of our class correspondents smoked an illicit something before writing his life�s notes! Dr. Peter Dorsen answered, �Actually, I smoked my last joint in 1982 after Suzy said she�d leave me if I didn�t. I really liked my weed. The trouble was mainly when I mixed it with wine, but was on call. There were a lot of other naughty things I did, but now marriage, kids and property mean I don�t. Actually, the above and my diagnosed bipolar disorder made it easier to relate to my patients two half days at a methadone clinic. Haven�t you ever wondered what happens to those of us who are anti-authoritarian who now are authority figures? I just took a new job seeing Russian immigrants pretty much full time with one half day at my funky office in the �hood.�

Robert Hill sent a note from his home in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: �I have been here almost 15 years. I am Chief Economist for Saudi Aramco and act as a business economist using Saudi production, OPEC politics and likely compliance to production quotas, and other data to ultimately estimate the price of oil. I expect to retire from here in two years and likely return to California and Chevron, from whom I am here on loan�I wrote my PhD on Iran for Princeton and lived there for two years while consulting for the UN, two years with US AID in Afghanistan, one year at the CDC in Atlanta, many years with Gulf Oil, prior to its merger with Chevron.� Class oil investors can reach Robert at hillrn @

From the Deerfield Journal comes word that Bob Wilson has retired from the Northern Trust Bank of Florida, a subsidiary of the Northern Trust Co. of Chicago, where he was a senior vice president and head of administration, trust, probate and tax. �We enjoy life on Marco Island,� writes Bob, �boating and cruising through the Keys and Sanibel/Captiva Islands.�

Allan Ryan writes that he and Bob Bryant were climbing Mt. Washington at the end of July, as training for a 270 mile hike (in pieces!!) by Allan and his brother along the Long Trail from VT to Canada.

Class of 1966 Survey

Having devoted the last four issues of the Newsletter to issues facing the country, the demographics of our Class, retirement plans and recreational and charitable activities, this issue will cover issues and activities related to Dartmouth. Please keep in mind that only 80 or so classmates and approximately 40 spouses completed the survey, so it is not statistically reliable.

                                                                                                            Classmates            Spouses      

How many times have you visited Dartmouth since the 35th reunion in 1991?
0                                                                                              41.3%      53.8%
1-2                                                                                          29.3          23.1
3-5                                                                                          13.8          3.8
6 or more                                                                              15.5          19.2


            Do you participate in interviewing prospective Dartmouth students?
            Yes                                                                                         24.1%     
            No                                                                                           75.9         

I was surprised this is as low as it is.

            Are you active in your local Dartmouth club?
            Yes                                                                                         20.7%      3.8%
            No                                                                                           79.3          96.2


            What should Dartmouth be doing differently?
            Stop trying to be like other Ivies/Harvard�focus           8.8%        3.8%
                        on uniqueness
            Better communication with alumni                                    3.5           0.0
            Eliminate fraternities                                                          3.5           3.8
            Support fraternities                                                             3.5           0.0
            Stop being so politically correct                                        5.3           0.0
            Deglamourize alcohol                                                        3.5           0.0
            Stop becoming slick/elitist                                                3.5           0.0
            Attract more quality students/quality vs. minority status 3.5          0.0
            Establish branches (e.g. California, Indian reservations) 3.5        0.0

Some of the single-mention do�s: �get rid of the Dartmouth Plan�, �nothing, they have the right to be imperfect�, �adopt the moose as a mascot�, �allow students to enjoy themselves, rather than being a career way station�, �move from the liberal fringe to the center�, �take away Clinton�s honorary degree�, �restrict growth�, �hold all reunions on weekends�, �return the Indian head logo�, �reform the residential system�, �develop a more positive attitude toward diversity and require freshman courses on diversity�, �more emphasis on increased morality in society�.

In the next Newsletter we�ll cover the few remaining questions from our survey.

Dartmouth Fund

Head Agent Bob Spence reports that 307 classmates (or 41% of the Class) contributed a total of $196,000 to the 2002 Dartmouth Fund. While final figures have not yet been posted on the College website, results through June 28 indicate that $22,279,316 had been received in gifts and pledges, slightly below the 2001 results and almost $1.5 million below 2000. Overall participation, including pledges, stood at 48.6%. Comparisons to 2000 and 2001 were not available. Again, our thanks to Bob!

For 2001, the College�s final participation rate for paid-in gifts stood at 45.6%, compared to 48.3% at Harvard and 59.4% at Princeton. As you will recall, when we graduated the Dartmouth Fund alumni participation rate was about 60%. As a result of this falloff, as well as lower participation rates in class dues payors and club activities (see our club participation rates above), the Alumni Council at its May meeting appointed a committee (including our own Chuck Sherman, who represents Washington, DC on the Council) to develop recommendations to improve alumni participation rates, to be presented to the Class Officers� Meeting in September. I�ll report the findings in the October Newsletter.

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

You will recall from the last Newsletter that the College raised the single issue subscription price that the Class pays by 110%. As a result, our class officers proposed a policy whereby only those classmates who pay their dues in the current 2002-2003 fiscal year would receive the Magazine in 2003-2004. Our current policy of offering subscriptions to those who have paid dues or contributed to the Dartmouth Fund at least once over the last four years would continue for 2002-2003 subscriptions. It would appear that the majority of classes have adopted policies similar to ours, some in fact not providing a �year of grace� for 2002-2003.

We received comments from two classmates. One wrote, �Speaking as one of the 140 freeloaders who have been getting the Alumni Magazine, I agree with the decision to send it only to dues-paying members. I had thought the College, not the Class, was picking up the tab on my subscription because of my regular, albeit modest, contributions to the Alumni Fund. I will now do what I should have been doing earlier, and start sending in my dues.�

Another writes, �I have always found it quite odd that alumni had to subscribe to the Magazine. This approach is at odds with reaching out to alums who have lost contact with the school and sends a very negative message to us all. I suggest that we (the Class) pay no money for the Magazine and recommend that the College provide it free of charge to all alumni.�

Class Dues

Speaking of dues, about the same time you receive this Newsletter, you will also be receiving your dues notice from Treasurer Jim Weiskopf. Jim will include a cover note regarding the Magazine situation; please also be reminded of the extra $10 donation for our two Class of 1966 John Sloan Dickey Foundation fellowships. Last year 380 classmates paid their dues.

Mini-Reunion Activities

Unfortunately, a lack of interest in the Mt. Moosilauke Hiking Trip necessitated a cancellation, although Al and Jo Keiller trooped up the mountain on their own!!

The next mini will be our annual Fall get together in Hanover in conjunction with Dartmouth Homecoming weekend. A schedule and sign-up sheet are in the Class News section of this website. It�s always a great time, this year it�s Hav-vud, so come one, come all!!

News of the 60th Birthday Party in SF/Napa will be included in the next Newsletter.

Paul and Margo Doscher entertaining Bob Spence, Gary & Sharon Broughton at last year�s Homecoming