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August-September, 2003


60th Birthday Party Survey Results


The survey included in the last newsletter has been tabbed with the following results:


1.     Over two-thirds prefer the April 30-May 2 weekend vs. the May 7-9 weekend.


2.     Virtually everyone was positively disposed towards having the party in San

Francisco, including a Saturday Napa tour and a dinner at a North Beach restaurant.


3.     The targeted hotel cost of $175 per night was acceptable.


4.     About two-thirds of respondents were interested in the Friday afternoon Asian Art

Museum tour and in the Saturday night Beach Blanket Babylon show.


5.     More than half would prefer ordering their own lunch at V. Sattui than having a pre-

ordered box lunch.


6.     Two-thirds of respondents would be interested in a pre- or post-weekend activity.

Choices were widespread: golf, sightseeing, another wine tour, and shopping garnered more than one response.


7.     A little more than half indicated that they would definitely attend, while most of the balance indicated that they would probably attend.


Based on these results, the Committee headed by Walt Knoepfel has set the date for April 30 - May 2 and is now working to finalize hotel selection, wineries to visit, restaurant selection for Saturday night, and all the other details to make our 60th Birthday an outstanding mini-reunion.



News from Classmates


You’ll recall from the last issue of "Along Route ‘66" a fascinating letter from Steve Sloca. We left with Steve’s question, "What am I going to do now that I have dropped out of the rat race?” He continues, "I had thought that when I retired, I would try my hand at writing, maybe doing some traveling, or something on that order. But Fate, or serendipity, has an unusual sense of humor. I had long collected Playboys, ever since hanging up my first Playboy calendar in my Wheeler Hall dorm room back in the fall of 1962. By the time I retired, I had every issue of the magazine, every calendar, every newsstand special, and over 3000 foreign issues; and so I thought the only thing left to collect were Playmate autographs.


That hobby led me to meeting Playboy's Miss October 1994, Russian-born Victoria Zdrok. A classic Eastern-European tall blonde, Victoria was an uncommon playmate, having brains as well as beauty. Since coming to the US, she has garnered a JD from Villanova and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Drexel; and her beauty has grown over the years. Last year, she became a Penthouse Pet and thus one of only two women ever to be in the centerfold of both of the premier men’s magazines. Our chance meeting at an autograph show led to a long-distance friendship; and after she ran into trouble with her website, we became business partners as well. Now, we have our own internet hosting company, Cybermate Webservices, LLC, which specializes in hosting Playmate, Pet and supermodel internet sites. My computer-knowledgeable sons taught me how to create web pages and to run an internet server; and I now spend a lot of time developing model sites and teaching playmates how to manage and create pages for their own sites.


There is a rather unique ‘sorority’ relationship between the 500 or so women who have had the courage to risk social and parental disapproval to pose nude for Playboy’s centerfold; and I feel rather honored to have been accepted in this unusual group. Victoria and I also co-produced a movie, which you can buy on the ‘net’ (; and I learned photography in order to help her and our clients shoot nude photos for their fans, a model websites need a constant flow of new photos in order to keep their members. So, between photo shoots, website work and promoting our business within the playmate/supermodel community, I keep rather busy---and I haven’t missed the practice of law for one second! Indeed, I’m having lots of fun and would be happy to share it with any classmates who may stop by or drop me a line…and, no, my ’little green book’ is not for sale!” Again, for those interested in touching base with Steve, his "handle” is


Graeme Bell writes, "Claudia and I are spending the summer and fall at our home in Little Compton, RI. We see Bob and Marty Cowden frequently as they are up the road in Newton, MA. Last fall we went with Jim Skiles and his wife, Lynne Church, to China. This was pre-SARS, and, except for Jim’s drooling, all went well.” Graeme can be reached at


Following Jack Stebe et al to the sunny climes of Tucson, Rich Daly notes, "We are in the process of selling our Boxford, MA home of 33 years and moving to Tucson – as I see in the Newsletter is a popular destination. We will be spending the summer months at our Thompson Lake, ME home next door to our new neighbors Larry and Cindy Hopperstead. Jack and other Arizonans can welcome Rich and Mary at



You may recall from the February "Along Route ‘66” that after leaving the Maine governor’s office, Gus King decided to take his family on a trip across the country in an RV. The trip was periodically documented on NPR under the title "King of the Road”. The last installment provided Gus’ Top Ten List of "things to do” while traveling on the road across the US:


            10. Get satellite radio

            9. Don�t forget the state parks

            8. Don�t leave Las Vegas for Los Angeles on a Sunday

            7. Do the Grand Canyon last

            6. Do the National Parks out of season and get a Park Pass

            5. Minimize plans ... be flexible

            4. Have a "Cruise Director”

            3. Pack two suitcases ... then leave one at home

            2. Beware of roads that are dots on a map

            1. DO IT!
[Web'ster's Note: As a Web-version-only supplement to this issue of Along Route '66, I created and added a page of audio-links to the Minnesota Public Radio Market Place broadcasts of the eight reports from Gus and to Where's Molly?,the web-site created by his kids with photos of the RV odyssey. --C.S.]


Ken Zuhr writes, "A most busy spring, two graduations followed by a celebratory vacation. In late May, Kathryn graduated summa cum laude from Mount Holyoke. Beth followed about three weeks later, graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in microbiology and art. Ann and I spent the last two weeks of June cruising the central British Columbia coast in a 42-foot Nordic tug with another couple. Great fun, the seafood will never be fresher. The catch included crab, sea bass, ling cod, and red snapper.” Ken is helping with the 60th Birthday Party and can be reached at


Bill Ramos sent an update on his comings and goings: "I’m still in ‘Lost Wages’ (Las Vegas), NV, where I own and run the biggest and best abortion clinic in Sin City. Joking aside, I take my work very seriously and help a lot of women at a very difficult time in their lives. And I do it very well. The practice is doing very well in a venue where many doctors have had to leave or face bankruptcy due to rapidly rising malpractice premiums. Personally, I’m still married to wife #2 (nineteen years now and counting); have seven children (three natural, four step) and five grandchildren (all step, but wonderful). One stepson still lives in Queechee, VT. I just bought 1/4 share of a Cessna 414 Chancellor (pressurized cabin class twin engine airplane), which is a real trip to fly. LOVING IT!" Gamblers who need medical assistance can reach Bill at


Pete Barber writes, "My wife Mary and I retired on the same day, June 27! Thirty-four years of federal service was enough. Will spend time between Santa Rosa, CA, Palm Springs, and Chatham, MA. My daughter Heather presented us with our first grandchild in June, Noah. Will be back East in the fall playing a retired old f-rt.” With all those locations, the best way to reach Pete is at


Dean and Carol Spatz "married off our daughter Sharon, Dartmouth ’96, to James Alexander, a fine young man from Washington State who Sharon met at the Ford Motor Company. They are moving to the Minneapolis area, about nine miles north of us. Guess who knows how to stay close to the Lake house!!! Chris Miller and wife Nancy (UVM) attended as well as many Dartmouth �96�s. Carol and I bought a house in Scottsdale last year and it sounds like we need to get to Tucson to see Jack Stebe and others. We are in the phone book, but not sure how much time we will be there. I have a new venture firm, Watasso Ventures, and am on a couple of public boards and two private. May get to Homecoming, not sure.” Sounds like our growing Arizona contingent has enough folks for a mini-reunion!! At any rate, Rich Daly, Jack and others can reach Dean at a new email address,


David Stedman "retired from teaching school three years ago, but I still keep active leading tours in Olde City Philadelphia and in Europe. In early September, I will be taking a group of fifteen on a two week pilgrimage through the Netherlands and Belgium. I’m active in Scottish affairs --- in the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia and as the new secretary of the Clan Campbell Society of North America. In July the Clan Campbell presented our new clan chief with a silver badge for his bonnet so I got to spend a weekend in Scotland and enjoy a luncheon at Inverarry Castle with our new young Duke and Duchess of Argyll. I understand that they are the last of the Highland dukes.” With all this travel, the best way to reach Dave is at





(L to R) David Stedman and the 13th Duke of Argyll



Mini-Reunion Activities


In addition to spearheading the organization planning our sixtieth birthday party, Mini-Reunion Chair Al Keiller has been busy working out the details for our Fall Homecoming Mini-Reunion, October 24-25. A sign-up sheet is attached as Page 7.


Besides the Friday night parade and Saturday game, there will be a pre-game brunch and class meeting at Paul and Margo Doscher�s home in Norwich, a post-game reception with the classes of 1963-65, and our annual class dinner at the Norwich Inn, with presentations by the latest J.S. Dickey Foundation Class of 1966 interns.


Financial Report


Class Treasurer Jim Weiskopf sent along the following report on class finances for the 2002-2003 fiscal year, ending June 30, 2003:

Total receipts amounted to $25,004, including $4,736 in market adjustment for a zero coupon bond maturing in 2015. Class dues from 384 classmates (up marginally from 380 dues payers last year) accounted for the majority of class revenues; 373 classmates also contributed $10 for the J.S. Dickey Class of 1966 Intern scholarships. Excluding the bond appreciation, revenue totaled $20,268.

Expenses totaled $20,107, or approximately the same as revenue ex appreciation. The biggest expense was 510 subscriptions to the Alumni magazine ($9,872); this expense was substantially higher than 2001-2002, as the College increased the subscription rate by 40%. The second biggest expense was the $5,000 funding of the Dickey scholarships, followed by $2,373 for newsletters. The Class’ decision to fund $1,000 for the DCAC Sponsor’s program will be paid starting in 2003-2004. If it had been paid this past year, the Class would have essentially operated in the red.

In order to insure that we continue to operate "in the black”, the Class will significantly reduce the number of subscriptions to the Alumni magazine, in line with the policy announced last fall and outlined below.


Alumni Magazine Subscriptions


During 2002, the Class' Executive, ratified by the Class at our Meeting last fall, decided to fund Alumni magazine subscriptions only to those classmates who pay their class dues the previous year. As a result of this policy, 135 classmates who received the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine this past year will not be receiving it during 2004. 16 classmates have been added back to the list of subscribers, as a result of paying their dues last year. While the decision to cut-off classmates from this publication, which includes the well-read "Class Notes” column by Secretary Larry Geiger, is difficult, it is likewise unfair for 384 dues payers to each be paying $6.83, or 17% of their total dues payment, to fund subscriptions for non-dues payers. All classmates will, of course, continue to receive "Along Route ‘66”. We will also continue to fund subscriptions for widows.


Dues notices for the new fiscal year (2003-2004) will be sent out over the next month. Please remember to send in your payment, so if you're one of the 366 classmates not now receiving the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, you can be reinstated for next year.



Dartmouth College Fund -- Final Results


Bob Spence reports that the College completed the 2003 Campaign with a record $30,343,535 raised by 45.5% of all alumni, a 4-percentage point increase in participation vs. 2002. The Class finished the 2003 campaign with 51% of us contributing $197,000, slightly below our goal of $200,000. Like the rest of the College, our participation was up from the 41% who contributed during 2002.


"Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to the agents who helped in the achievement of this year's campaign. As noted in the July newsletter, Dartmouth's endowment has mirrored the 6% decrease experienced by colleges and universities nationally. In addition, the economy has created an increased need for student aid. Dartmouth continues to accept students on a need-blind basis. One of the primary functions of the DCF is to help meet those needs. Your help is invaluable and you can make a difference to a student in need. As a point of interest, of the 69 classes participating, 28 exceeded our total, placing us in the middle. The Class of 1968, celebrating their 35th, raised $6.3 million (I hope someone there will adopt me!!). In any case, we will continue to do our part and try to once again increase our class participation during the 2004 campaign. Your interest and help is critical. Please consider participating in the coming campaign. All the best, Bob�




Dartmouth Class Officers' Weekend


Over the weekend of September 5-6, Alumni Council President "Emeritus” Noel Fidel, Secretary Larry Geiger, Vice-President and Webmaster Chuck Sherman, and I joined Stan Colla and other College administrators, officers from other classes, and guest alumni for the annual Class Officers' Weekend. An interesting presentation on "From Netsters to Pre-Boomers: Understanding the Impact of Age Demographics” by consultant Marilyn Moats Kennedy, which noted the vastly different characteristics of pre-boomers (those of us born before 1946), our sibling "boomers”, cuspsters, busters (generally, our kids), and netsters, led to a presentation on the drop, somewhat reversed this year, in College Fund participation and class dues paying (as noted above, the Class of 1966 was up in both), which has been most critical in the younger classes. Class officers broke into their office sub-groups to share experiences with their peers for about three hours; after a lunch break, we reconvened with all officers in our "generation”, e.g. Classes of 1950-69.


The College's budget crunch continues to impact the Alumni Relations office, which announced that it would cut back printing support for class newsletters from six per year to three. To many of us, this, along with last year's decision to cut back support of the Alumni Magazine and increase subscription rates on a per issue basis over a three year time frame by 100%, falls in the category of "penny wise, and pound foolish”, and runs counter to efforts to increase participation. Several of the officer and generational presentations called for the College to match all other Ivies (except Cornell) and reinstate universal distribution of the Alumni Magazine, either in combination with some class dues support and/or by combining distribution with Dartmouth Life. The younger classes (1988-2003) will initiate a response to the Trustees, as the pullback of Alumni Relations support has forced many of these classes to run deep financial deficits. Other classes recommended Tuck School be brought in to perform an operational audit of Alumni Relations, that a "best practices” report with individual class metrics be published more frequently, and that more class mini-reunions be organized around affinity or interest groups (similar to our Canoe Trip mini and Ski Trip mini).




Don't forget to send in your sign-up sheet for the Homecoming Mini-Reunion by October 14…and please, classmates and/or spouses, partners, significant others, etc. SEND IN NEWS. Your classmates love to hear from you!!!