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October-November, 2003



60th Birthday Party


Please note the description and sign-up sheet for the Class' 60th Birthday Party in San Francisco from April 30 to May 2, 2004. You will also note that the Class is offering a discount for classmates who sign up prior to January 15…so "don't delay, send in the form TODAY!!”


The Class has already sent notices by email, about the party announcement and sign-up form being posted on the class website. If you did not receive the emails, you're either not yet listed on the class directory ( or your email is no longer operative. In either case, let me know ( and I will add or correct your information.


Fall Mini-Reunion


A large number of classmates, spouses, kids, grandkids, and friends met on the Hanover Plain for the Dartmouth Homecoming Weekend, October 24-25. As usual, Mini-Reunion Chair Al Keiller and Jo led the Class' Friday night parade contingent, which included local residents Robin and Theresa Carpenter, Wayne and Cathy LoCurto (Wayne is now fully retired and improving his golf and tennis games), Wally Buschmann, Skip Battle, whose ASK JEEVES company has had a very successful 2003, Jack Bennett, making his first trip up to Hanover from DC in a few years, Dan and Cynthia Barnard, who live in nearby Melvin Village, NH, and Erv Burkholder, in "Han-solo”, as Chris stayed in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, with grandson Dexter Thomas Matthews, who celebrated his first birthday on November 6 with a cake crushing party! Dexter's parents are Erv and Chris' daughter Zoe, who is teaching and completing her Ph.D in the History of Education at NYU, and Christopher Matthews, who is a professor of Anthropology at Hofstra University. The Burkholders' youngest daughter, Tai, is also in New York where she is pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at the NYU Film School, hopefully leading to a career in film or television production. While Erv and Chris are obviously spending a lot of time in New York, they are looking forward to seeing classmates at our Birthday Party in San Francisco.


As a sign of the times, the relatively small bonfire was built by professionals using heavy equipment, a result of the unfortunate bonfire incident in Texas a few years ago. However, the freshman class of 2007 was as enthusiastic as ever, circling the bonfire 107 times. Stan Colla led the Dartmouth Night festivities in his role as Vice-President of Alumni Relations. Chuck Sherman arranged for the Class of 1966 Webcam, located on top of the Hanover Inn, to photograph the bonfire, which can be seen on the Class Website (see URL address above).


The Class gathered at Paul and Margo Doscher's Saturday morning for the pre-game brunch and class meeting. Margo is teaching part-time at the Norwich Elementary School, while Paul continues to promote and manage the Tuck School's "Bridge” program for pre-MBA students interested in learning about careers in business.


John and Nancy Hughes and Dean and Carol Spatz flew in from Minneapolis, spending the weekend at the Hughes' home in Vermont. Lewis and Susan Greenstein made the short-trip from Groton, VT. Lewis retired from his position as Dean of the Southampton branch of Long Island University and is now teaching history at the New Hampshire Community Technical College in Claremont, while Susan teaches at Lyndon State College north of St. Johnsbury. Piermont, NH residents Ted and Ann Thompson crossed the river; Ted is now Manager of the Alexis Boss Tennis Center at the College.


Al Keiller chaired the class meeting, with much of the discussion revolving around the plans for the 60th Birthday Party in San Francisco. The class' policy regarding subscriptions to the "Dartmouth Alumni Magazine” (for dues payers only) was reviewed, as well as the continuation of Class support for the Class of 1966 John Sloan Dickey Fellowships ($5,000 per year) and the Dartmouth Athletic Council's Sponsor's Program ($1,000). Bob Spence reviewed the positive results from the 2003 Dartmouth College Fund (just under $200,000 raised with 51% participation) and the plans for the campaign in 2004.


For the first time in a long time, we were treated to an exciting football game in pleasant weather. Dartmouth prevailed over Columbia, 26-21, with the game still in question until the last minute of play. The team may have finished with its first winning season in several years, had it not lost a disappointing game to Brown, in the last minute, by the same 26-21 score, on November 15. Among those in the class section were Tim and Suebee O'Keeffe, up from Cape Cod and visiting daughter Clare '06, and Chris Meyer.


The post-game cocktail party and reception at Rauner Hall (aka Webster) with the classes of 1964 and 1965 started off a little slowly, but gained momentum once the refreshments arrived, 30 minutes after the game ended! Larry Goss was among the many classmates in attendance.


The cocktail party and dinner at the Norwich Inn was attended by forty, including Tom and Ilana Appleby, with daughter Lara '04 and son Keith, who attends the Hopkins School in New Haven. The dinner ended with presentations from our three Class of 1966 John Sloane Dickey fellows for the current year, Michael Newton '04 and Brian Kent '04, both of whom worked as interns at I.B. Tauris in London, the world's largest publisher of English language books on the Middle East, and Kristian Lau '04, who interned at the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute in Castries, St. Lucia. Summaries of their experiences are on the Class of 1966 website.


Pictures of the reunion will be in the next issue of "Along Route ‘66”.


News from Classmates


A number of the "usual suspects” were missing from the mini-reunion, including Bill Roberts, who wrote, "Due to sudden right knee replacement surgery to Paula, it looks like we will be unable to make it up to Hanover for all the festivities the weekend of October 25th. We will be missing not seeing all you guys, but if you listen carefully, you will hear a loud WAH-HOO-WAH coming from Braintree, MA, after we get through thrashing Columbia!!�


Gary and Sharon Broughton were on Cape Cod, assisting daughter Laura who was recovering from hip surgery.


Gary Jefferson wrote, "With regret, Leslie, Sam and I shall be missing Homecoming this weekend. The daughter of one of Leslie's best and oldest friends is having her Batmitzvah in Amherst, MA. After some hesitation, I have agreed that, since the Amherst celebrations promise to be a one of a kind event, it will dominate Hanover…this year. I'll miss seeing our classmates”.


In other news, Jim Beardsley writes, "I took early retirement this year and celebrated by running the Chicago Marathon with my two daughters. Now looking for a small business to buy, with a partner, to keep the brain cells active. I've seen Arne Rovick (he was nice enough to share his Vikings tickets last week) and Dean Spatz (at a golf fundraiser for Dartmouth). Both look and are doing terrific. This period of change in our lives seems to be drawing classmates back together.” Jim lives in Deephaven, MN and can be reached at


Doug Hill is "still living on Lake Winnipesauke and enjoying the New Hampshire mountains. Moosilauke a favorite haunt. I'm down to one tuition, as son Porter graduated from Bowdoin in May. Daughter Ramsay skis at Middlebury. I am just back from sailing in Labrador with Peter Herman '59 and settled back into the chair I've occupied at my law practice since the ‘70's. Winters are filled with tele-skiing and work.” Doug's email is


Jim Hourdequin writes, "Had a great trip to Ireland this summer with a group of friends and lead by Batt Burns, Mary's cousin and an internationally well-known Irish story teller. Mary continues to enjoy her work as Principal of King Philip Middle School here in West Hartford, while I resume my home maintenance and repair business after a major remodel of our own kitchen. Daughter Marion is teaching an intro-Philosophy seminar at Duke while working on her Ph.D dissertation. Son Jim has recently entered Harvard Business School, taking a leave from his own business, ‘Longview Forest' Land Management. Son Peter is still in Japan teaching English, learning martial arts and playing hockey and surfing as time permits (ah, the good life!). All and all, life has been good to us, and for that we are very thankful.” Jim's new email is


Paul Darling is "still living in Switzerland after moving here in 1998. I teach information systems at the Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, the ‘Dartmouth' of hotel schools in Switzerland. It's the oldest at 100 years and most prestigious. I've purchased a chalet in the Alps in a village (La Lecherette) of just forty-one people. I can see the ski slopes from my terrace and walk to them in five minutes. Great life! Anyone passing through La Lecherette, I have a guest room.” For those interested in taking up Paul's offer, send a note to


Financial Report


Treasurer Jim Weiskopf reports that 247 classmates have already paid their 2003-2004 dues. Besides subscriptions to the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine (see below), your dues also help support the Class' contributions to the Class of 1966 John Sloane Dickey Fellowships and the Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors Program, as well as reunion and mini-reunion activities, including next year's 60th Birthday party, and newsletters. Another solicitation will be going out in December, if you've lost your forms for payment.



Alumni Magazine Subscriptions


Will Morgan, among others, is upset that class dues are linked to Dartmouth Alumni magazine subscriptions, writing, "Is it even legal?” I think the real issue is why is Dartmouth one of only two Ivies (the other being Cornell) that do not universally distribute their alumni magazines to all alumni?


Virtually all classes have adopted policies similar to ours, paying the College for subscriptions for dues payers only. Let's hope that the Dartmouth Alumni Council and/or the Class Officers' Association can lobby to change the system so that all Dartmouth grads can get their magazine, as do their brethren at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, and Penn. Speaking for myself, stop sending "Dartmouth Life” and put those editorial, distribution, and printing costs into funding universal DAM subscriptions.


In Memoriam


We recently received word that Glen E. Kilpatrick, Jr., passed away on March 12, 2003. While he matriculated with us, he did not graduate. The Green Book lists his hometown as Great Falls, MT. Glen was active in the Ledyard Canoe Club and the Dartmouth Players.



Dartmouth Sponsors Program


The Class Executive Committee (over 20 men) voted this year to contribute $1,000 per year to the Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors Program, joining a number of classes and 1,220 individual alumni. In an effort to educate more alumni to the DASP, John Engelman '68 asked that all Newsletter Editors pass this along:


The Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors Program raises funds from alumni, parents and friends

of the College for the specific purpose of bringing recruited student-athletes to campus for official visits. The Ivy League rules specifically prohibit using funds from the general budget of the College for this purpose. Therefore, in order to assist the coaches in their recruiting efforts, Ort Hicks and Bob Blackman founded the Sponsors Program nearly 50 years ago.


This highly successful program has played a vital role in bringing to the College some of Dartmouth's finest student-athletes, and has contributed enormously to the success of the athletic teams over the years. For example, last year we raised over $300,000 from alumni, parents, and friends. We paid for the recruiting trips to Hanover of over 270 student-athletes; of those, 160 completed their application to Dartmouth, 131 were accepted, and 111 decided to enroll with the Class of 2007. This yield of 85% is a testament to the importance of bringing these outstanding student-athletes to campus. Once here, the College does a remarkable job of selling itself.


The competition for these outstanding young men and women is intense, and without the support of the Sponsors Program many of these potential applicants would never have the opportunity to visit Dartmouth and in too many cases would not even consider applying to the College. While the recruited student-athletes are the direct beneficiaries of the Sponsors program, I am convinced that the entire Dartmouth community benefits from this program, because of the remarkable talents (athletic and otherwise) that these young men and women bring to the College. The Sponsor's program also pays for coaches' visits to the homes of recruits, as well as recruiting materials such as media guides/brochures for all varsity teams; we also produce "The Big Green Sports News”, a comprehensive newsletter sent eight times per year to all contributors.


If you are interested in receiving more information about the Dartmouth Athletic Sponsor's Program, or would like to contribute to this important effort, please contact John Engelman '68 ( or Bob Ceplikas '78 (



60th Birthday Party Program Schedule and Signup Form