September 1996


Dear Classmate:

Many who keep track of such things declared it the best reunion we have ever had. A total of 239 Class of '66 alumni, children, wives and significant others returned to the campus in June -- record-breaking attendance for a 30th reunion at the College. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and for good reason: the chance to share memories and visions with some professors who taught us...the spectacular (though changeable) weather of an early Hanover summer...a preview of the "Dartmoose" mascot (with apologies to Hector Motroni, our stalwart Indian cheerleader) entertaining talk by Gus King on the perks and problems of governorship...good food and great music...and time to catch up with people we hadn't seen in years, including some for whom this was their first trip to Dartmouth since graduation. Thanks to Jack Bennett, Jim Weiskopf, Chuck Sherman, John Rollins, Dick Birnie, Robin Carpenter, Peter Prichard, and Gaylord Hitchcock for their meticulous planning and hard work both from afar and in Hanover -- they made it a very special event. .


In the area of financial support for the College, the class acquitted itself very well on two fronts:


--Our reunion gift of $353,467 made a strong contribution to the $13.9 million raised this year for the Alumni Fund, due in large part to the efforts of Reunion Giving Chairman Bill Higgins and his committee.

--Funding for the new Class of 1966 scoreboard was increased by $3,360, thanks to 16 classmates who bid on silent auction items -- including such ephemera as a menu from D'Andrea's in Saratoga, vintage wines, condos and Route 66 postcards -- and to Jeff Stein, who contributed part of the proceeds from the sale of his new book Gentlemen of Decision.


By the way, our commitment on the scoreboard has almost been met, but we have a little ways to go yet. Any of you who have not yet given to the Campaign to Excel and would like to do so with a contribution earmarked for the scoreboard, you must pledge before October 1 of this year. Once your pledge is made, you have until 1998 to pay it off. If you have already given to the Campaign and would like to re-assign your gift to the scoreboard, you should also do that before October 1. Please send all scoreboard contributions to me so that we can be sure that the funds are properly allocated and credited; you'll find my address at the end of this letter.


Class Meeting


During reunion, Bob Serenbetz called a class meeting to discuss current issues, elect a slate of officers for the next five years, and handle various other matters; the following are highlights of the meeting (attended by about 40 cooperative, enthusiastic classmates and guests -- and one heckler!):


--Class Finances: Dues (paid by about 400 classmates at $40/year) exceed normal, on-going expenses (e.g., subscriptions for all class members to the Alumni Magazine, mailings, mini-reunions) by $3-4,000 per year. We have about $27,000 in our bank account and there is ma slight surplus expected from the reunion, so we are well positioned to initiate another project, even after final payment for the reunion book is made.


--The Next Class Project: Bob laid out two options, both costing about $5,000 per year--(1) funding athletic equipment for College workout facilities, and (2) providing travel and expenses for a student to study overseas under the auspices of the J.S. Dickey Foundation. It was decided to support a scholarship to facilitate a student's travel abroad, with the proviso that each student so honored will give a presentation on their travels and study at our mini-reunions. Given our current financial condition, we will be able to initiate this project immediately.


--Giving to Dartmouth: Bob and Class Treasurer Bill Higgins reminded the class that contributions can always be made in the memory of any deceased classmate through the 1966 Memorial Scholarship fund.


--Reunion Book: The book is available "post-reunion" to any classmate who wishes to order one at a cost of just $25 each (which includes shipping). As everyone at reunion agreed, this is a great book! And if you couldn't come back in June, you won't want to miss this opportunity to catch up on what your classmates have been doing for the last 30 years. You can order your copy using the form at the end of this letter. (Each book was printed and assembled by Bob and Karen Serenbetz -- talk about dedication!)


--Constitution: A new constitution allowing continued federal tax exemptions was proposed and ratified.


--Alumni Magazine Subscriptions: Every class member will be given clear notification that they may be dropped from the subscription list unless they pay their dues (currently, about half of the class pays dues while our treasury pays for all classmates to get the magazine). It was also agreed that the Executive Committee would decide on a case-by-case basis concerning potential subscription cancellation, taking into account such things as payment and giving histories.


--Mini-Reunion: Watch for a special mailing on the upcoming mini to be held in Hanover on the weekend of October 18-19 to coincide with Dartmouth Night and the Yale game. In addition to the game, the schedule of events includes the parade Friday night, pre-game buffet and class meeting at Paul and Margot Doscher's house in Norwich on Saturday morning, a post-game reception on campus (place TBD) with '67s and '68s, and cocktails and dinner at the Norwich Inn on Saturday Night (starting at 6:30). Game tickets and lodging will be on your own; all other activities will be included in the mini-reunion price. These have always been fun, festive events, so mark your calendars and make plans to enjoy a weekend of Fall foliage with your classmates.


--Cluster Reunion Format: Given the options presented by the College, it was decided that it would be to the greatest benefit of the Class to continue to meet as a single class over a weekend rather than in a three-class cluster.


--Class Officers: Nominating Committee Chairman Hector Motroni recommended all three current class officers for re-election, which was unanimous -- Bob Serenbetz, President; Bill Higgins, Treasurer; and Larry Geiger, Secretary. Other officers who will serve for the next five years by appointment: Jack Bennett, Alumni Council Rep; Rich Daly, Bequest Chairman; and Jim Lustenader, Newsletter Editor. The posts of Head Agent and Mini-Reunion Chairman are currently unfilled -- any interested volunteers should contact Bob ASAP at or by phone: 415-474-6274 (home) or 510-450-9399 (work).


Bob also named 18 classmates to the Executive Committee: Gary Broughton, Gary Bryson, Robin Carpenter, Jeff Gilbert, Joe Hafner, Rick Kaiser, Steve Lanfer, Wayne LoCurto, Bruce McKissock, Bob Nash, Jim Nutt, Peter Prichard, Chuck Sherman, Dean Spatz, Bob Spence, Steve Warhover, Jim Weiskopf and Hector Motroni.


'66 On The Web


Chuck Sherman has been asked to build a World Wide Web "Home Page" for our Class that will include a roster of classmates' e-mail addresses. Fifty-five of you have already provided him with your e-mail addresses; if have not and would like to be included please contact Chuck at with your name, e-mail address, city and state. Also, please give him your "usage index" (see below):


  • 0 = "never"
  • 1 = "only if I'm told to expect a message"
  • 2 = "monthly, if I can remember how"
  • 3 = "weekly"
  • 4 = "daily"
  • 5 = "wired at all times"

    Chuck will respond with any further information on this service.


    Legacies of 1966


    One of the most rewarding things about this past reunion was having the chance to talk with legacies of our Class who were on campus during the event. That inspired one of our number to compile a list of sons and daughters of classmates who have attended Dartmouth since Bill Hayden's son, Bill Jr., started the trend with the Class of 1988. For your reference, a list of our legacies -- all 101 of them -- appears on the following pages.


    Now, Let's Talk About What You've Been Doing...


    News from classmates is slim these days, so please take a minute to let me hear from you either directly or via the enclosed post card. You can reach me at:


  • Jim Lustenader
  • 7 Boudinot St.
  • Princeton, NJ 08540
  • Home phone: 609-924-5935
  • Business phone: 800-526-8712 x307
  • Business fax: 201-984-2320
  • E-mail:

    Thanks, and hope to see you at the mini-reunion in October!