Fall 1997


Dear Classmates:

Letters, e-mails and green cards are piling up (not a very large pile, but a pile nonetheless), so it must be time to start writing. Changes are in the wind -- and some major ones, judging from your submissions.

Class News

Not to be outdone by President Freedman, Class President Bob Serenbetz recently announced his retirement from DNAP Holding Corp., where, as Chief Operating Officer, he was instrumental in bringing about the acquisition of DNA Plant Technology by Empressa La Moderna. Bob's retirement will be effective January 2, 1998, after which time he will continue to serve as a director of the company. Meanwhile, he and Karen have moved back to their home in Bucks County, PA, from San Francisco, and Bob will be overseeing the operations of the firm's Fresh World Farms division in Eddystone, PA. Bob, since I know you've been mulling over an eventual return to New Hampshire and you may be casting about for your next challenge, let me be the first to suggest that it would be great to have a '66 in the corner office of Parkhurst Hall.

For the first time since I've known Steve Lanfer, his address is something other than Binney Lane in Old Greenwich, CT. "After another 12 years in my family home," Steve writes, "we are moving for at least a while to an island (bridged) in Maine so I can focus my energies on our dairy company. As CEO, I have to be where the action is and the exec office (all 8 of us) is moving to ME." New home address: 178 Sea Meadows Lane, Yarmouth, ME 04096 (phone: 207-846-8923). Business: Protein Group, 10 Moulton Street, Portland, ME 04101 (phone: 771-0965/ fax: 0966).

By the time you read this, Jeff Winograd should have completed one of the most profound life changes of all. Jeff wrote earlier this year: "I have been going through a tremendous personal transformation which I wish to share with my classmates...In the past year I have quit my job as a radiologist, gotten divorced and realized that I wanted to live the rest of my life as a woman. In October (1996) I legally changed my name to Jessica and began the process which will culminate in September (1997) with sex reassignment surgery. These decisions came after four turbulent years of deep personal psychological and spiritual work and soul searching...The path has not been easy but with the development of a strong belief in God, I have been supported and guided along a path which has led to the most profound feelings of peace and fulfillment I have ever known. Along the way I have been compassionately supported by classmates and friends Rich Abraham and Bill Little. At this point, I don't know where my life will take me from here but I look forward to it now with curiosity, eagerness and joy." Jessica has a personal Website at ; e-mail address is jessica@jessicawinograd.com. On behalf of your classmates, I hope that the surgery went well and that you encounter only good things in your new life.

Maine is becoming a popular spot these days. Hoping for the ideal of a simpler life, Jim and Ruth Modisette celebrated almost 25 years of marriage by moving to a saltwater farm they bought eleven years ago in South Penobscot. Jim has opened a sole legal practice in Ellsworth (taking space with Bronson Platner '68), Ruth is continuing as a corporate finance partner at her firm in Pasadena via telecommuting and the occasional transcon flight, and JM has started high school in Blue Hill. This is as big a change as the Lanfer's relocation: prior to this move, Jim and Ruth had lived in just one home -- only four blocks from where he had grown up in Pasadena. In his note, Jim also reported that Paul Lipscomb '67 would be giving him a hand towing a 21 foot boat across the country before flying to Alaska to go sea kayaking with Jim Caine. New addresses: home is Weatherly Farms, Route 175, Box 210, S. Penobscot, ME 04476 (phone: (207) 326-8266/ fax: 4287), and work is 20 Oak Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605 (phone: 667-3107/fax: 4814). Jim says that they have a guest house at the farm and visitors are welcome.

Change has become a staple of Joff Keane's life -- in the places that he has lived and the history-shaping events, both large and small, of which he has been a part. Joff is now Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Caracas, where he lives with his wife, Graciella, and two sons, Rob and Ed. He writes that "the Foreign Service and the Peace Corps before it have been a nomadic but fulfilling life -- not career, life because they are all absorbing. Unsurpassable exposure to diverse cultures and topography, work with man's real problems and a role in resolving the challenges of foreign policy. From Patagonia to the Mekong Delta, from cosmopolitan Portenos of Buenos Aires to Mayan-speaking Indians, through the war in Vietnam, the Falklands War and the guerrilla insurgency of Central America, and three transitions from military rule to democracy -- I would not trade this life for any other. Look me up if you come to Caracas." I, for one, would like to do that because Joff's evolving adventure sounds fascinating to this desk jockey. Address: American Embassy, Caracas, APO AA 34037 (phone: (582) 977-3807).

Joff noted that "fellow '66 Marty Adler and Peter DeShazo '69 are also here at the embassy in Caracas, and Peter Cleaves was recently in town on work for the University of Texas, where he heads up a Latin American research organization. Who else voted for Eris Triesman?"

Gary Jefferson's family has expanded: his son, Gary, and daughter in-law, Leslie, had a new child, Sam Warner, on May 23: "The parents and three older sisters are delighted. Gary is Professor of Economics at Brandeis University." Our classmate Gary can be reached at 52 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138.

Welcoming a new grandchild into the family is one of four major events this year for Wayne LoCurto: "On August 19, Kathryn Jeanne Lesch was born. She is the fourth child for my daughter Jeanne and her husband, Brendan '89, and the sixth grandchild for Kathy and me. On August 20, Rupert Murdoch bought our company. On September 6, our youngest daughter, Susan '95, and Geoffry Wilson '95 (were) married in Westport, CT. On December 6, our daughter Carolyn will be married in Scarsdale, NY. What a year!" The LoCurto's are recuperating at 31 Gorham Ave., Westport, CT 06880 (home phone: (203) 454-1816; business: 845-6282/fax: 849-1771; e-mail: wlocurto@actmedia-hq.com).

Several '66s saw their offspring change from Dartmouth undergrads to grads this year. A note from Rich Kaiser reported that, "on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon of graduation weekend, '66 fathers of '97 legacies met on the porch of the Hanover Inn for a much-deserved drink. The group included Gary Broughton, Wally Hodges, Steve Lanfer, Mike McConnell, Bob Spence and myself. Hope the tradition continues." A similar note from Wally indicated that he chose that weekend to "discover Catamount beer...had a great time" -- a fitting way to celebrate the end of tuition payments.

Speaking of legacies, here's one for the record books from Bruce Berger: " Are you aware that my daughter Elizabeth '94 and Richard Friedman's son Jordan '94 will be married in September? This is probably the first quadruple legacy in the College's history -- two '66 parents with two '94 children. We are all delighted -- I had not seen Dick in over 28 years."

Bruce also noted that he had just received his class reunion book and was thrilled to read up on long-lost classmates -- which brings me to this brief commercial announcement. Bob Serenbetz has extra books ready to mail; they are just $25 each (including shipping) and can be ordered from Bob at the address on the masthead of this letter.

An article appeared this summer in the St. Louis Business Journal highlighting Randy Adams, who is Group President, National Banking and Investment Services at Mercantile Bancorporation. In addition to his corporate duties, Randy also serves as chairman of the bank and chairman and CEO of Mercantile Trust.

Also in the onward-and-upward department, Bob Vogel writes that he was recently named a full partner and Director of Architectural Services at Keyes Associates: "This meteoric rise has taken only 26 years!" Bob reports that "son Robbie, now 7, is in the football/soccer/Tiger Cubs stage -- and the bad news is that I still have to work 60 hours a week; no early (or, probably, late) retirement." Bob is at 40 Surfside Rd., PO Box 322, Minot, MA 02055 (home phone: (617) 545-0612; business: 893-2110). And Gus Southworth called a couple of weeks ago to announce that he is joining other top-notch legal eagles at a firm called Carmody and Torrance, with offices in Waterbury and New Haven. He will be part of the medical legal group and develop a litigation practice. Gus, Susan and their son, Hunter, visited us in Princeton this summer at the close of a week-long college tour that seemed to encompass every institution of higher learning from CT to NC -- but Gus says that the smart money is still on Hunter's going to Dartmouth.

Another visitor in recent weeks was John Hughes, who joined my wife and me for dinner while on a trip to New York City on behalf of Kopp Investment Services and its new Emerging Growth Fund, which opened on October 1 under John's able marketing leadership as VP Fund Services. (For those of you who are so inclined, grab this one while you can -- Lee Kopp has been a star performer.) We also had a chance to see John's son Brian, who drove down from Hanover to spend a couple of days with his father.

During the summer, John Harbaugh changed from teaching to writing: "I jog and practice viola and piano early in the day, but when the heat starts turning the Florida afternoon into a steambath I coolly turn on my word processor and work to capture the formative events of my youth into stories." John pursues his literary labors at 480 Trinidad Dr., Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (home phone: (407) 773-0316; business: 779-2000).

Another author in the news: Peter Dorsen, with his new book titled "Dr. D's Handbook for Men Over 40 -- A Guide to Health, Fitness, Living and Loving in the Prime of Life." The book will be available in January via Chronimed Publishing, and all 250 cloth-bound pages can be had for a mere $23.95. A dust jacket excerpt: "Dr. Dorsen artfully weaves the subjects of men, fitness and aging into a holistic wake-up call to the American male. What makes this book different...is that it speaks to not just the physical male but also to the mental and emotional one." Peter writes that "I guess the reality is that, at 53, I do medicine to support my writing love." For an autographed copy, contact him at 251 West 22nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55405 (home phone: (612) 377-6745; business: 849-7565; e-mail: DrDee6969@aol.com).

Keeping fit and writing about it is Jonathan Wiesel, who just finished "Cross-Country Ski Vacations" (from John Muir Publications of Santa Fe). "Among other things, it required three intensive weeks in the Northeast last year, visiting 46 places in 23 days -- I'd almost forgotten how interesting driving can be on narrow winding roads." Jonathan also writes that "life is good -- Newfoundlands around the house for fun, upper body exercise and affection; moose, deer, horses, bear and the occasional mountain lion wandering the canyon neighborhood. Bozeman, which is a few miles away, has growing pains but remains a delightful place -- friendly, diverse and intriguing. Health is OK and I hope to ski my first marathon next winter. It's nice to have simple tastes." Jonathan stays in touch with Denny Kernochan, now finishing his PhD. in business from USC, and asks if anyone has heard from classmates Steve Johnson, Ned Baird and Bill Dowling. You can reach Jonathan at his e-mail address: wiesel@imt.net.

Rob Cleary must have read galleys of Peter's and Jonathan's books. Rob was honored in June as the Denver Athletic Club's "Athlete of the Year" based on his endurance ability during Colorado's "Ride the Rockies" event -- a 418-mile, 27,400-vertical-feet ride. The award also recognized his conditioning preparation for the ride, volunteerism and all-season participation in squash, mountain skiing and running. And I'm still trying to get in three workouts a week! A very tired Rob can be reached at 528 Williams, Denver, CO 80218 (business phone: (303) 388-5815).

While on the topic of recognition, Richard Anderson was recently listed in the publication Best Lawyers in America. He has been practicing matrimonial law for 27 years, and has two daughters: Rachel (Union College '95, Boston College '97 and a recent bride), and Andrea (a high school senior). Address: 4205 Henneberry Rd., Manlius, NY 13104 (home phone: (315) 682-5803; business: 422-8131; fax: 474-7507).

Last (but by no means least) in the news department, this rather sobering note received a couple of weeks ago from Bob Bach: "President Freedman should have time to sniff the roses after what he's been through. I find myself a lot more empathetic with his experience. I had a run-in with prostate cancer, discovered just before Charlie Wilmot's death, that required a rather rapid visit to Stamford Hospital in February. ..They flattered me with 'you're too young to go through chemo or radiation' so they operated, finding the little bugger 'fully evolved'...I'm told that if it hadn't been for the PSA test it would have been too late, as the digital exam found nothing...Anyway, I seem to be none the worse for wear, with the famed 'side effects' disappearing nicely. I must admit that it has caused me to change my outlook toward many things and modify a number of priorities. Puts a new view on life." Bob and Jennene are celebrating their 25th anniversary on Maui in early November. Glad to hear things turned out OK, Bob, and thanks for the note -- it prompted me to go for my annual physical.

Bob also reported that Marsha Wilmot has moved back to Hanover following Charlie's passing (I understand from Bob Serenbetz that Marsha will be coming to the mini-reunion). Charlie was recently honored by the Rotary Club with an award that is reserved for movers and shakers of the national organization and has never been given posthumously before.


It may be over by the time this reaches you. If not, you should go! It's October 31 through November 2, and features brunch at Paul and Margo Doscher's place in Norwich, a class reception with '67s and '68s at Smoyer Lounge, and 'tails and dinner at the Norwich Inn -- not to mention the Harvard game. Watch your mail for reservation info.

Class Scholarship Fund

The Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund has officially been established as an endowment fund, exceeding the minimum of $10,000 required to achieve that status. This marks a special tribute to Ted Pitiglio, in whose memory many of the gifts to the fund were made. When the fund exceeds $50,000, the College will name a Class of 1966 Scholar about whom we will receive reports and letters. Thanks to all of you who made this possible, and thanks in advance to those who would like to help build this fund to the level where it can contribute the education of a Dartmouth student.

That's it for now. You get a green card with this letter, so please take a moment to let me know what you have been doing -- or get in touch by e-mail, "snail mail" or phone. Best wishes for an enjoyable holiday season.

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