Spring 1998


Dear Classmates:

You have not received a class newsletter since last October because 1) my dog ate my homework; 2) Prof. Cox tossed my first draft and I had to rewrite the whole thing; 3) I've been busy shoveling snow; 4) I was called by Ken Starr to testify; 5) I received a promotion and new responsibilities at the start of the year and have been working my butt off, leaving little time for anything not related to the job. Happily, it's #5 -- but I am now making up for the sin of omitting Dartmouth from my schedule.

Starting on a high note, Joseph Allen III and Nancy Rogers (U. Mass, Dartmouth and Harvard grad) were married on January 18 in Worcester, MA. Nancy is the Director of Public Health in Shrewsbury, and Joe is a partner in the law firm of Dunn, Leader and Allen. Congratulations!

In another piece of news from the marriage front (albeit longer than four months back), James Keating wrote that he "remarried a few years ago after 20 years of being single. Patty and I bought a house and have settled down in my old neighborhood. I have a good practice in radiology at nearby Doctors Hospital and all is well." The Keating's neighborhood is 1510 Arabella St., New Orleans, LA 70115 (phone: 504-899-7376).

Wayne LoCurto has (almost) become one of our "leisured" classmates: " On October 6, I joined the ranks of the semi-retired when News Corp., which acquired Actmedia on August 20, gave me my walking papers. Now, I am actively trying to acquire marketing services companies. All leads would be greatly appreciated." Wayne can be reached at 31 Gorham Ave., Westport, CT 06880 (phone: 203-454-1816; fax: 203-341-8732; e-mail: Wlocurto@aol.com).

Paul and Barbara Semple became empty nesters last year when their daughter, Anne, graduated from The Deerfield School and became a freshman at Gettysburg, where she is heavily involved in theater and student government. Their son, Chris, is parts manager for Autobahn in Concord, NH, which helps support his job of collecting and restoring Audi Quattros. Paul practices law and serves on the Concord Hospital board, while Barb works as the children's librarian in Hopkinton and sings with the Concord Chorale. And their cure for the empty nest syndrome: a chocolate lab puppy. The Semples and pup are at 63 Roberts Rod., Contoocock, NH 03229 (phone: 603-746-4345).

Speaking of higher learning, Bill Todd wrote from Cambridge that he is now Dean for Undergraduate Education at Harvard (in case you're looking for a drink before the game, his address is 15 Kennedy Rd., Cambridge MA 02138).

Bill also wrote that Gary and Leslie Jefferson had a recent addition to their family: Sam Warner Jefferson, born late last spring. I had erroneously reported in the last newsletter that it was Gary's son who had had the baby, thereby rocketing the Jeffersons prematurely into grandparenthood. This mistake prompted a letter of gentle correction and some new news from Gary: "The other day, vacillating between aghast and amused, my wife, Leslie, read from 'Along Route '66' that '...son, Gary, and daughter-in-law, Leslie, had a new child'....In fact, Sam Warner is my own son...and Leslie, somewhat miffed about being demoted to daughter-in-law, is my wife... I should also update the record. Among our three adolescent daughters who were unambivalently 'delighted' with their new baby brother when I first wrote, two have since declared him to be a 'nuisance'. We have almost finished a home renovation project which will allow for consolidating the three girls on the third floor with the telecommunications equipment required to attend to their budding social lives. Recently, as moderator of a panel on 'Fast Track, Trade and Public Interest,' I had the pleasure to introduce Bob Reich '68, former Labor Secretary and now University Professor here at Brandeis. The audience appreciated his always clever humor and sympathetic insight into the plight of the struggling American worker. I have finished writing and editing a book, Reform, Ownership and Performance in Chinese Industry, forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Since it is packed with economic models and econometrics, I anticipate that it will be read, reviewed and criticized by only the smallest of audiences." Thanks for the note, Gary, and be sure to let me know when the first grandchild does arrive.

On Long Island, Lewis Greenstein has been Director of the Friends World Program of LIU for the past five years. A discrete BA program within the university that's based on an experiential approach to education, it allows students to spend three years abroad. No stranger to a passport himself, Lew gets to travel to seven international program centers fairly frequently (when he wrote me in February, he was leaving the next day for Kenya and Israel). Lew's wife, Susan, teaches at C.W. Post and their daughter, Sara, is approaching graduation from Southampton College. The Greensteins can be reached at PO Box 684, Remsenburg, NY 11960 (phone: 516-325-0631; e-mail: lgreenst@southampton.livenet.edu).

From a somewhat larger island comes word that George Trumbull and family "...are still in Sydney and enjoying the change, although we do miss New England falls and the Christmas spirit you find in the US. It has been a busy time -- we will list AMP next June (that's in a few weeks, for those of you who are investment minded) with a market value of between $10-12 billion. This has been a big undertaking that has left us with less time to explore Australia than we would have liked. Any 66s passing through, please give us a call -- the number at AMP is 9257-7001." The Trumbulls can be reached by snail mail at 90 Braeside St., Wahloonga, NSW, 2076, Australia.

A little to the northwest of George, Walter Knoepfel is dodging monetary fallout as a partner advisor to Coopers & Lybrand's Indonesian firm. He was recently joined by another partner who is Class of '59, and he has a new client who graduated from Dartmouth in the '70s. Walter's address is Coopers & Lybrand/Maischoss, 350 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90071-3406 (e-mail: wknoepf@ibm.net; home phone: 62-21-750-0611; business phone: 62-21-574- 2333; fax: 62-21-574-1777).

Back in our own Deep South, Steve and Jean Smith have "relocated once more, this time to Huntsville, AL. Some say I continue to move to escape some ill fate, but I hold that I move to pursue greater opportunity. We were in Hanover for the Lehigh game with Dean and Carol Spatz and saw Dartmouth's twenty-one game winning streak come to an end (the scoreboard looks great!). Also had a brief visit with Paul and Margo Doscher." The Smith's are at 1622 Chandler Rd., Huntsville, AL 35801 (phone: 205-882-9325; e-mail: steve.smith@avex.com).

One of our most frequent (it's much appreciated) newsletter contributors, Dr. Peter Dorsen wrote that he is "...developing a new business called Housecall Doc. Meanwhile, I continue to do whatever I can to keep the girls (3) and Suzy (jazz singer) in clothes. I'm more involved with complimentary medicine -- I am spending 2 1/2 days at chiropractor's offices as their medical director and will start several 1/2 days at a clinic specializing in acupuncture. My role will be to provide allopathic medicine as it is needed." The Dorsens' address is 2510 West 22nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55405 (home phone: 612-377-6745; business phone: 612-849-7565).

Jessica Winograd wrote this follow-up letter on her surgery last fall: "In September, I successfully underwent Gender Re-assignment Surgery in Oregon and am doing beautifully now. I would like to thank those classmates who sent me letter of support. They meant a lot to me." Shortly after I received Jessica's note, David Johnston added his own insights: "She's for real -- Jessica Winograd makes one hell of a woman. She's courageous, funny and has great legs." David went on to report that his own life is "...rich and full, although somewhat insecure after my wife of 28 years left her job (shrink at a hospital) after 13 years to develop her private practice and be at home with 10 and 14 year old sons -- and take a 50% cut in family income. I continue as director of a multi-service youth and family agency, taking on substance abuse, politics and the constant need to raise money. Mostly, I love it." The Johnstons are at 22 Beverly Road, West Hartford, CT 06119 (phone: 860-523-1363 home, 860-521-8035 work).

Kevin Trainor wrote from Twin Falls, ID, where he has been practicing law since 1975 and is a partner at Stephan, Kvanvig, Stone and Trainor. About the practice of law , Kevin noted that "...it has changed over the past 20 years, doesn't seem to be as much fun. There isn't the feeling that you are helping people as mush as in years past; it's more strident than it used to be or needs to be." Kevin's varied interests include chukkar (please explain in your next letter, Kevin -- I thought this was a polo term) with his two dogs, running, golf, skiing, flying, backpacking and whitewater rafting. He is also a licensed guide on several Idaho rivers, where he does both commercial and private trips (sounds like reunion material). Kevin and Linda have two daughters, Meghan and Whitney; both are college students, athletes and outdoors enthusiasts (varsity volleyball, mountain bike racing and kayaking). Kevin also reported talking with Rob Cleary: "We'll be seeing more of Rob now that our younger daughter is in school near Denver. The Internet has been the vehicle for a couple of electronic reunions -- I was slinging electrons back and forth with John Peterson, Dick Scheaf and Pat Woodworth last year."

Several press clippings have come in over the past few months highlighting the accomplishments of certain 66s. A recent article from the Brunswick, ME, paper featured Dr. William Wilkoff, a pediatrician in the Mid-Coast area for the past 25 years. Bill was one of three speakers participating in a family life enrichment program, and he has written a book that will be published later this year. In Chicago, the American Meat Institute elected Ken Taylor as its vice chairman. Ken is president of Taylot Packing Co. and Taylor Industries in Wyalusing, PA.

Roger Perry was the subject of an article on the evolution of higher education at Champlain College, where he has been president for the past six years. As the article pointed out, Roger's mission is to serve students by fulfilling the needs of the businesses that hire them. He accomplishes this by creating programs of study that offer practical value, giving students the skills that employers desire. And it's working: 97% of Champlain students find a job within four months of graduation. An outward sign of Bill's inner commitment is the 24,000 square-foot Information Commons scheduled to open this year. The Commons (a totally new breed of library) will feature 200 Internet access ports, multimedia stations, teleconferencing and much more.

Jim Weiskopf sent along a clipping from The Washington Post that reported on fellow Streeter Hall resident Wayne Hill's burgeoning business as an art consultant to companies around the Beltway. Coming to the rescue of the area's cube-crazed Dilberts, Wayne "puts the walls to work for people" by offering artistic beauty as an antidote to the stress and confinement of the digital office. While there are a number of firms supplying office art, Wayne's approach is unique: rather than choosing generic pieces, he conducts long and repeated interviews with employees, executives and board members to decipher such things as their personal tastes and corporate visions. The result of this immersion is customized art that both beautifies and inspires.

Jeffrey Tew forwarded an article from the Miami Herald on the dedication last November of the Tew Education Center at the Miami Rescue Mission. The center was named after Jeffrey in recognition of his 23 years of pro bono legal work with the homeless -- an honor which he said was quite humbling. In addition to being Secretary and Board Member for the Mission, Jeffrey practices trial law in the areas of securities fraud and business disputes; he and wife Maureen have a son (Spencer) who graduated from Arizona State in December and is headed for law school.

Who says lawyers don't have a sense of humor? An story the Santa Rosa, CA, paper announced the addition last year of native son Tim Eagan's political cartoon strip called "Deep Cover". The article notes that Tim "...went on to Dartmouth, where a fraternity brother wrote the screenplay for what would become the movie 'Animal House', (although) Tim denies he was the real-life model for one of the characters...After Dartmouth, he attended the University of California's Hastings School of Law and served a two-year stint as prosecutor in Santa Clara County. 'It didn't seem like much fun', Tim remembers...and so a cartoonist was born." The best part: Tim once ran for D.A. in Santa Clara as the Cartoon Party candidate. Move over, Al Gore.

Speaking of campaigns, Eric Treisman of Santa Fe, NM, is running for Congress again. Eric sent along a press release on a study tour he took to Tokyo and Nagoya: "They have beautiful mountains and the crime rate is so low that their ten most wanted list has only six, but the conformity and politeness got to me. Japan is too orderly. Incidentally, they were blown away how in New Mexico anyone can run for office. Over there being a multi-millionaire is a prerequisite. Here is just helps." Eric's approach to his campaign has a similar streak of worldly-wise good humor: a local political reporter noted that Eric's press packet was nothing if not untraditional, containing articles he had written for Rolling Stone, a journal compiled while setting up a legal aid program in Micronesia, case work where he represented Pueblo Indians, a membership card from 1965 for the California cannery workers union, college entrance exam scores and an academic citation from Dartmouth. Eric can be reached at PO Box 2897, Santa Fe, NM, 87504 (e-mail: Etreisman@aol.com; fax 505-986-8305).

Finally, I am sorry to report the death of William Kruger. No information as to date or cause was supplied by the College; his next of kin is cousin Paul Kruger '68 (PO Box 49958, Los Angeles, CA, 90049).

That's it for now. Please stay in touch and don't forget the Alumni Fund!

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