Fall 1998

Dear Classmate:

If you haven't seen any green mail (the Dartmouth '66 kind, not the financial kind) come your way for a while, it is not for lack of good intentions. However, aided by a gentle inquiry from our President this past weekend and some free time that came with being home from work with a bad back, I am pleased to get this letter off to you so you can catch up with what other '66s are doing.

In Memoriam

I recently received notice from the College of the passing of Peter Helwig of Wellesley, MA, from a bout with colon cancer. Peter played rugby as an undergraduate and was a member of Bones Gate, the DOC, Army ROTC and Germania. Our condolences to his wife, Donna, and two children, Alex and Johanna.

Save the Date: '66 Officially Turns 55 on May 7-9 in Charleston

Based on responses from classmates to the mail survey and a discussion by your Executive Committee of alternative sites, our 55th birthday party will be held over the weekend of May 7-9 in Charleston, SC. The organizing committee for the event will be Al Keiller (Chairman), Jim Weiskopf (Finances), Bob Serenbetz and me (Publicity &emdash; consider this your first direct mail solicitation). Others wishing to help should contact Al or Bob (see addresses above). There will, of course, be further mailings as well as notices on the Class Website as plans progress. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend &emdash; the committee promises great golf, fine weather and a good time.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

The committee met on 10/29 via conference call and, in addition to the date and location of the birthday party, discussed several items of interest to the Class at large. Our 35th reunion is coming up in 2001, and Bob indicated that he would be selecting an organizing committee and Head Agent shortly. The intrepid Jim Weiskopf kindly volunteered to handle finances or publicity, and the door is wide open for others who want to serve in any capacity to help make this event a success. Also, with reunion comes a changing of the guard as classmates will vote at that time for new Class officers. To ease the transition, Bob suggested and all approved the appointment or election next year of a Vice President who will take over as President when Bob's term expires in 2001 (yes, we have term limits). Anyone interested in either in being on the reunion committee or placing his name in nomination for Vice President should contact Bob.

The committee agreed with Bob's suggestion that the Class should have a mission statement to serve as a guide to Class projects and activities in the future. Bob will draft a statement and submit it to the other members for comment. And, in response to a request by the College to submit nominations from the Class for the Nelson A. Rockefeller Award for public service, the committee decided to nominate Gus King, Bill Hayden and David Muchnick.

Mini-Reunion Report

The Class had an excellent turnout for the event held over Homecoming Weekend, 10/16-17, and capably organized by Al Keiller. Among those on the scene for the parade were Alan Nadler, Gordon Leversee, Bill and Jane Higgins, Rich and Debbie Kaiser, Rob Cleary, Bob and Jennene Bach, Hector and Myra Motroni, Robin and Theresa Carpenter, and Bob and Karen Serenbetz. After the bonfire, the Kaisers got together with Marsha Wilmot.

Paul and Margo Doscher hosted our annual pre-game brunch and Class meeting. In attendance were Allan and Gwen Anderson, Al and Jo Keiller, Steve and Barbara Hayes, Bob and Linda Spence, Rich and Mary Daly, Gary and Sharon Broughton, Steve and Barbara Lanfer, Ed and Paulette Jereb, Steve and Anne Warhover, Steve Posniak and Jeff Gilbert. (By the way, Ed Jereb sent me a green card exclaiming that he is "now a grandfather &emdash; Alex Sharapov. His mom is Margot (Dartmouth'92). I know other classmates have trod this ground but it is still pretty great.")

The Yale game turned out to be exciting, primarily because of countless mistakes made by both teams (Bullet Bob, where are you?) and the "win" for Dartmouth being guaranteed by a questionable call with Yale on our two yard line. The Class section included Jim and Sharon Botelho, Dave and Lisa Coughlin, and John Hughes. A good showing followed at the Smoyer Lounge reception with the '67s and '68s. Dinner at the Norwich Inn had the highest turnout &emdash; 44 classmates, wives and kids &emdash; in at least eight years. This year's winners of the Class of 1966 John Sloan Dickey Fellowships each gave a brief presentation on their overseas experiences; their full reports can be seen on our Website.

News From Classmates

By now you probably know that Gus King was won his second term as governor of Maine &emdash; congratulations, Gus! Unfortunately, he had to give up his claim to being the nation's only independent governor when pro wrestler "The Body" Ventura also won in Minnesota. Perhaps there's an opportunity here to organize an independent governors' convention in Madison Square Garden.

Mike McConnell is seeing more of the Midwest these days as the Senior VP in charge of client services with a joint venture in Chicago between Deloitte Consulting and HOLT Value Associates. The new company provides corporate officers access to the same data and insights used by leading money managers so that they can better relate corporate actions to their effect on stock prices. Mike reports that "it's an exciting opportunity (that) calls on very different skills than those I've been nurturing in 28 years as a management strategy consultant….I've reconnected with John Greenleaf, whose Cleveland investment firm is a major HOLT client…Wife Mary continues her successful career, proving that kindergarten is a much more intensive intellectual pursuit than most believe. Emily (Dartmouth'97) has just finished her first post-graduate job as an intern at the Actors Theatre in Louisville and is working for the Glimmerglass Opera in Cooperstown, NY. Finally, I was glad to hear of Paul and Barbara Semple. While our nest is not yet empty, like them we have acquired a new dog, a standard poodle (Ivy) who likes to take her evening walks with our cat Oliver. The sight of the two of them strolling along has freaked out more than one passerby." If you're heading for Chicago, get in touch with Mike at Deloitte/HOLT Value Associates, Suite 2100, 10 South Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606 (phone 888&emdash;GROW- VALUE or fax 312-496-6565).

A brief update from Kit Combes, who says he has "been out of touch with classmates for longer than is civil." Kit is an editor of the Sunday magazine at The New York Times, where he moved in 1981 after a ten-year stint at the now-defunct Washington Star plus other, earlier journalistic assignments at the Patriot Ledger and Washington Post. "My senior- year marriage, which produced Andrea a couple of years after graduation, ended in 1971. Andrea (a Bates grad) is married to a resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital. They had their first child and my first granddaughter last October. No 'Granddad' I &emdash; they call me the geezer or 'geez.' Married Connie (Vassar '71) in 1975, a union that produced two more daughters: deRaismnes (Dartmouth '99) and Ada B. (Princeton '01). As a newspaper hack I was broke to start with and am now resigned to everlasting destitution." Kit promises to show up for the next reunion, and in the meantime can be reached at 277 Haines Road, Bedford Hills, NY 10507 (phone 914-666-8578).

Jack Donovan reports that, "having missed as a novelist, I am now doing 'pulpit fiction.'" In his twelfth year as the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Gainesville, FL, Jack recently attended a "conference in Havana, Cuba, on the socio-theological legacies of hope of Martin Luther King and Mohandes Gandhi. I was accompanied by my wife, Alisun, a Presbyterian minister, who is planning a mission trip to Havana for her university students in 1999. Went to Hemingway's bar. Hope to bring our kids there next time. Looking forward to retirement at about the same time Social Security fails." The Donovans are at 3455 Northwest 30th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32605 (phone 352-376-28238).

If Florida swampland is not for you, then contact Tom Hoober, who recently formed a company in Lancaster, PA, to handle real estate sales and service, buyer brokerage and investment property management. A twenty-year veteran of the real estate biz, Tom now has an office at 820 Rohrerstown Road in that city.

News clippings bore testimony to classmates' activities. Early this year, Ed Daley became a partner at Bromberg & Sunstein, where he continues his practice in health law concentrating on litigation, regulatory affairs, employment benefits, strategic business aliances and corporate governance. And Henry Art, a professor of biology at Williams College specializing in environmental biology, got some ink for his lectures on the "Natural and Unnatural History of the Hopkins Memorial Forest," an examination of the ecological history of the landscape from pre-colonial times through the advent of the US Forest Service in 1935 and up to the present.

Joining the ranks of the leisure class is Don Glazer, who writes that "after 22 years practicing law and 6 mainly in business (TV, real estate, roll-ups), I became semi-retired in May when a deal I've been working on since last summer went public. I look forward to writing (especially my second book on legal opinions), reading, coaching soccer, playing tennis every day, some limited consulting (both business and law) and following my wife, Donna, around as she tries to make her mark on the national golf scene. She won the New England Amateur Championship last year after taking up the game only 5 years ago. Except for following Donna, it's not that I haven't done all of the above before, but everything has been so crammed in that it has been hard to enjoy it." When not on the links, the Glazers are at 225 Kenrick St., Newton, MA 02158 (phone 617-965-4364).

From Seattle (4025 E. Garfield, 98112), Wallace Hodges writes that daughter Jessica (USC '92) was married in June to Manuel Monroy (I hope I spelled that correctly, Wallace) in Bel Air, CA. His other daughter, Alison (Dartmouth'97), and brother, Jim (Dartmouth'68), ensured solid Big Green representation at the wedding. In addition to Jessica and Alison, the Hodges have three other children: Chris (Santa Clara '02), Stephanie (UW '02) and Michael (Dartmouth '11 &emdash; now that's planning ahead!).

Wayne LoCurto is back in business and looking for companies to buy. On June 1, he formed Heritage Marketing Corp. with the backing of Hoak Capital. Heritage is a holding company which will acquire marketing services firms in sampling, couponing, in-store, point-of-purchase displays and direct marketing &emdash; and "all leads will be appreciated." As of September, he had already made his first acquisition. Get in touch with Wayne at his new business address: 113 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880 (phone 203-454-3233, fax -3033). Home is 31 Gorham Ave, Westport, CT 06880 (203-454-1816).

Keeping in shape on the rowing circuit, John Harbaugh is coaching the Space Coast Crew this fall in preparation for three-mile races in Florida and the Southeast. He'll also be teaching Spanish and communications at Brevard Community College, five classes in British lit at Satellite Beach High School and viola in two orchestras &emdash; "who says there are no jobs out there?" John is at 480 Trinidad Drive, Satellite Beach, FL 32937 (phone 407-773-0316).

For the true cybernauts among you, Tom Brady reports a new e-mail address: t.brady@plastictechnologies.net.

And finally, a note from Rick and Donette Drake announcing a change in "our present status in life." Rick has, "by more than chance, taken on a new life style reminiscent only to the rich and famous. Recently having remarried to Dr. Donnette after a profitable law career of 26 years, the couple now runs a metaphysical bookstore. They also see on frequent occasions that the lake gulls and other creatures, such as squirrels and various others, are as well fed and happy as they are." The Drakes live at 18900 Detroit Ave. Extension, #503, Lakewood, OH 44107.

Excelsior (in the spirit of Herb West) and keep those green cards coming.


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