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Winter 2000

Dear Classmates:

Shortly after the real new millennium arrives in 2001, this august pub will have a new editor: Bob Serenbetz has volunteered to take on the job. Bob and Karen (partying on despite a bad cold) joined us in Princeton to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a large group of Tigers and report on their trip to China with Al and Jo Keiller and (to everyone’s surprise) Halsey and Isabel Bullen, who also happened to be on the same trip. Part of the Alumni College Abroad, the program blended lectures on art, history, literature and politics with site seeing that included the Great Wall and the Three Gorges Dam.

Moving from the Yangtze to the Connecticut, most of you who responded to the questionnaire from Al Keiller on a mini-reunion canoe trip indicated interest. Consequently, Al is in the process of planning a 2 1/2 day trip for some time in August, starting south of the headwaters and ending in Hanover. There were a few who said they would go if hotel accommodations could be found along the way; however, such deluxe digs will not be possible (actually, they do not exist) so the crew will be camping under canvas at approved locations used by the Canoe Club. Besides, what would Ross McKinney say if he knew we chubbers of old preferred J.W. Marriott to L.L. Bean? More information will follow; check the Class Website in the meantime.

For those who cannot wait until August to get together, the Dartmouth Club of Washington and the Class of ’63 are sponsoring "Springtime in the Shenandoah," a ‘60s multi-class mini-reunion that will take place on May 20 at Skyland Lodge. Enclosed with this newsletter is a reprint of the schedule and registration form mailed to you recently by Frank deSerio ’63; please respond directly to Frank ASAP if you are interested in attending — judging from his letter, it should be a great getaway.

On the larger reunion front, that same questionnaire from Al showed strong support for holding our 35th on campus and during a week in June, an arrangement that would give us access to a dorm and support from the College for various events. The dates are June 11 through 13, 2001, with departure on the 14th. Since graduation is on June 10, we will come up with some activities for those wishing to come to Hanover a day early and attend the ceremonies. Please mark your calendars!

Class News

Mike MacQuarie was on a family vacation in the south of France when he picked up a British Airways inflight magazine and found an article (along with smiling portrait) on George Trumbull. Mike reports that he has been "in North Lake Tahoe as an ‘ER doc’ for the past 25 years with wife Annika of almost 30 years. Our children are all in college in San Francisco and Boston. Looking forward to another winter of broken skiers and snowboarders, and hopefully a respite in Mexico." Mike also sent along a copy of an ad in which he appeared for an ER patient charting system. The MacQuarries live in Truckee, CA, and can be reached via PO Box 2535, 96160, or (By the way, the article on George carries the following lead line: "When AMP went public last year, one in five Australian households profited and the continent’s economy was buffeted [sic] against the Asian crisis. Which made George Trumbull a hero…Now he has his eye on Europe." Watch for George’s visage to appear on the euro.)

Sandy Renna dropped a note to say that he was married last July to Suzanne Repetto, and to inquire on the whereabouts of roommates Mike MacQuarrie (see above, Sandy) and Gunnar Portanova.

Joff Keane continues with "this crazy Foreign Service life." He and family "returned to D.C. from Venezuela in mid-’98. I coordinate US policy toward Central America at State, and have been overseeing the US response to Central America’s recovery from Hurricane Mitch, including aid, trade benefits and immigration relief. I’ve also been managing issues relating to the transfer of the Panama Canal to Panamanian control, and lending a hand to the OAS’s effort to ease tensions between Nicaragua and Honduras over a border dispute. Life and work remain fun. Let me pass on a partly borrowed message: in the first year of the new century, may your hair, teeth, facelift and stocks not fall, and may your blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol, white blood count and mortgage not rise. May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive you for faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about all your virtues. Best to all ‘66ers." The Keanes are at 6212 Loch Raven Dr., McLean VA 22101.

Last fall, Greg Eden went on a two-week tented safari to Tanzania organized by Jim Howe ’65. "Spent the last five days in Katavi National Park, with over a million acres of protected land and less than one hundred visitors per year. This area was so remote that the aviation charts showed no terrain features (at last, some place that most likely isn’t getting bombarded with news of American politics). Still involved with project finance. Just finished a $30 million statewide central vehicle emission testing program for Missouri." Greg is at 810 Rivergate Place, Alexandria VA 22314.

Another international traveler reported in: Ed Grew writes that he "presented a talk at an Antarctic Symposium in Wellington, NZ, and went to Tokyo to give a talk, only to catch intestinal flu — so my wife, Priscilla, had to take my place. Then on to the Geological Society meeting in Denver, where I convened a session on beryllium geochemistry — all you wanted to know about beryllium but were afraid to ask. Does anyone have an address for Dave Harris?" (My records show Dave at 300 Peachbelt Rd., Thomaston GA 30286.) Ed is at the University of Maine in Orono, where he heads up the Dept. of Geological Sciences.

Jamie Stewart relocated last year from Pittsburgh to NYC -- Brooklyn Heights, to be exact, and a mere ten minute walk from his son’s home, where "most importantly our two-year-old grand daughter lives. My daughter lives only 15 minutes away, so the whole family is back together again and we enjoy that immensely. I am now the COO of the NY Fed. We have about 3,800 employees (surely no inflation there!) who work on monetary policy, bank supervision and payments. After 25 years in the private sector, I wanted to work in a non-profit situation so this job is a dream come true. We are right in the middle of all of the big changes in the banking industry and the evolving payments systems. I would enjoy seeing Dartmouth visitors in NY." The Stewarts are at 334 Clinton St., Brooklyn NY 11231 (office phone: 212-720-5022 ).

Having retired from the Federal Government in ’96, Steve Hayes has been Managing Director/Public Relations for AAA — "next to the Catholic Church, the largest membership organization in North America — 42 million strong. Barbara and I are heavy into the tribulations of raising teens: Emily, 17, and Peter, 13." Steve and family are at 2116 Belle Haven Rd., Alexandria VA 22307 (e-mail:

From Minneapolis (2510 W. 22nd St., MSP MN 55405), Dr. Pete Dorsen writes to say "thanks for the very thoughtful and accurate account of my book, albeit I did not do Oprah. The prison is no more — an unfortunate, complicated termination they attributed to ‘failure to get security clearance’ but which is the subject of what could be a vitriolic suit. So I see the Ruskies one day a week and work at 3 chiropractors’ offices 3 half-days. I do physicals on drug addicts two half-days, then insurance physicals — all to make a living while working assiduously at developing a house call business. I do the hotels, movie sets, visiting entertainers (e.g., Gregory Hines’ and Woody Harrelson’s crews). Wife Suzy is a jazz singer. Two of my three girls in school. Thanks for all your good work!" (You’re entirely welcome, Pete — your lively correspondence has made it pretty interesting.)

Taking a break from doing deals, Mike McConnell reports that he and Mary could not make the mini-reunion last year because they were "busy renovating our living room after 25 years of inherited wall covering and circa 1950s lighting. Also, we were fighting the application wars to get Alex (our third and last) into college. It was great to see the legacy list with Skip Battle’s son on it along with all the others. I now commute every other week from Boston to Chicago, where I’ve joined Holt Value Associates (after 19 with Braxton and Deloite Consulting). One benefit, in addition to the interesting work, is to see Emily (’97), who is seeking to break into theater (costume design) in Chicago." Mike’s work address is 10 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606 ( or

In a recent note regarding canoeing and the 35th reunion, Jay Vincent commented that he and his wife, Andrea, spend part of the spring in Bermuda, where she paints in oils and watercolors. Their two sons are out of the house, married and "off the payroll," so the Vincents are enjoying flexible schedules that obviously include great travel.

Peter Prichard and Bob Spence kept it quiet, but word got out that their performance running the Alumni Fund for the Class yielded their selection as co-winners of the Chairman’s Citation Award. Congratulations, guys, on doing a fine job.

Dick Birnie was recently elected to a three-year term as a trustee of The Mount Washington Observatory. (I wonder if that means that he is in line to replace the fellow who used to do live TV broadcasts of the late night weather report from the summit of Mt. Washington.)

In Memoriam

Sadly, since I last wrote to you I have received two reports of classmates who have passed away. In August, Mark Zebrowski succumbed to pneumonia while living in London. Mark’s next of kin is his uncle, Ed Zebrowski ’50. And Lawrence Graeber died on May 16; he is survived by his mother, Cynthia, of 10 Lakeside Dr., Irvine CA 92604.


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