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Fall 2000

Dear Classmates:


October Mini-Reunion

With autumn upon us, plans are already in place for our get-together during Homecoming weekend in Hanover, October 27 and 28. The football contest will be with Harvard. Al Keiller and his band of reunion planners have put together several social events surrounding the game, parade, and annual bonfire, including a Class dinner at the Norwich Inn. An activities schedule and reservation form is included with this letter. Also, please note that the Class meeting on Saturday morning will be the last one before the 35th reunion and your input on that important event will be appreciated.


35th Class Reunion

June 11-14, 2001, are the dates when we will be converging on the College to celebrate our time together as Dartmouth men (I use that non-PC term whenever I can!). The reunion committee is working hard on the program and should have some information to you shortly. In the meantime, reserve your room at the Hanover Inn if you don't want to brave the wilds of Wheeler Hall, and plan to be there.


Class News

As of July, Allen Keiswetter became Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, responsible for North Africa and the Arab Peninsula. In his prior post with State, Allen served as Director of the Office of Arab Peninsula Affairs. Now we can really expect a handsome drop in oil prices. Allan is at 1011 N. Roosevelt Street, Arlington, VA 22205 (703-534-0989 or

Also on the foreign front, Erv Burkholder is finishing a three-year assignment in Moscow where he has worked for a public and privately funded joint venture in the poultry industry. Erv wrote that "daughter Zoe had a barefoot-on-the-beach wedding in '99 to Christopher Matthews, and daughter Tina is a beginning film maker. My wife, Christina, and I play a lot of golf." Erv can be reached at

Closer to home but just as chilly, Paul Darling wrote from Switzerland that he has switched hotel schools and is "now teaching at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, the 'Dartmouth' of hotel schools here. When I interviewed for the teaching position in the computer department, a member of the selection committee was a Middlebury grad who, thankfully, remembered skiing against Dartmouth with fondness." The easiest way to get in touch with Paul is at

Taking a break appealed to Jim Hourdequin: " I have thoroughly enjoyed a year off, remaking much of our house and temporarily off-loading most household burdens from my wife, Mary, who has had a challenging year as a school administrator here in West Hartford. Am now anxious to get back to the IS business systems consulting practice I left. Son Jim, Dartmouth '97, remains in the Upper Valley overseeing two startup companies. The first is the Yankee Forest Safety Network, a non-profit designed to improve New England logger safety and facilitate better workman's comp rates (loggers have the highest rates nationally). The second is Longview Forestry, a "for profit" (some day) logging and land management company focused on using environmentally responsible practices and procedures plus modern tech and data management (investors welcome). Daughter Marion, married last summer, is finishing her second masters at UMT in Missoula and debating work versus a PhD program. Son Peter is in NYC with the Council for International Education Exchanges, where he coordinates programs in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia--great travel ops! Life is good!" It sounds good, and certainly not boring. The Hourdequins are at 91 Montclair Dr., W. Hartford, CT 06107 (860-523-9597 or


John Rollins took some time off this past summer after selling Aztech Software Corp., where he was CEO of 30 years standing, to a dotcom and aiding in the transition. John wrote that "son Tom graduated from Bates in May and daughter Katie heads for Morocco in the fall for a semester abroad from Carleton College. Anne and I will be relaxing at our cottage at Squam Lake contemplating plans for the future." John is at 2947 Davenport St. NW, Washington DC 20008-2166 (202-244-7950 or


Chris Kinum is a partner with the Garibaldi Group, an international commercial real estate firm with offices in Chatham and Princeton, NJ. He and wife Mary Anne, a teacher, have three children: Chris, a lawyer; Meggan, who is with Anderson Consulting; and Scott, Dartmouth '01 and two-time captain of Big Green lacrosse. The Kinums are at 32 Tanglewood Drive, Summit, NJ 07901 (908-277-0577 or

This summer found Richard Dellamora spending a couple of months in Santa Monica doing research at UCLA on a book about citizenship and the politics of friendship in Victorian fiction. He also recently moved, selling his house in Toronto and taking an apartment just a block from the Royal Ontario Museum at 20 Prince Arthur Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5R1B1 Canada (416-929-1603).


Thornton Jordan sent a thoughtful and rather chilling note: "I strongly urge all my classmates to get an annual physical check-up. The routine blood analysis will include a PSA (prostate specific antigen) reading, which can give you early warning on prostate cancer. One out of six men get this cancer, but it is one of the most curable if caught early. If you wait too late and it gets in your lymph system, bones, lungs, etc., you are in deep water. I have enjoyed excellent health all my life and had no symptoms, so my routine physical last year saved my life. I recently had successful surgery at Johns Hopkins, followed by an 'all-clear' pathology report, so I look forward to resuming white water rafting, dog sledding and skiing. Happily, I will be around to do those things. I want all of you to be around, too. Do it for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. Check out for more information." I will add that having a blood test does not mean that the lab will do the PSA screen. I had a physical recently and found the PSA reading missing when the overall results came back. If you want to be sure of getting the PSA reading, ask for it. And if they forget, go back and be tested again.

The batch of mail for this letter contained an unusually large amount of news on Class authors. Will Morgan just had his book on Finnish architects, Heikkinen & Komomen, published by Monacelli Press. Will is teaching at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, and living just down the road at 24 Orchard Place, Providence, RI 02906.

If you have read this newsletter in the past couple of years you undoubtedly know about Peter Dorsen's book: Dr. D's Handbook for Fitness Over 40--Living and Loving in the Prime of Your Life. Pete wrote with the thought that "it would be wonderful if we could offer our classmates copies of the book at a time when more and more of the elite Class are beginning to contemplate Viagra or have already run off with their dental hygienist (given the cost of dentistry today, that could be worth doing). Book is available via or; $16.00 in paperback and you might get it autographed at reunion." If it will make me feel like I'm just over 40, count me in.


Jim Lenfesty sent along a "decade or so" of Dartmouth news and a copy of his first, and hopefully not last, book: The Urban Coyote: Howlings on Family, Community and the Search for Peace and Quiet. Jim reported that he "left the Minneapolis Star Tribune two years ago, where I was on the editorial board for seven years, to become a writer. I felt, as E.B. White said of himself, 'I was a man in search of the first person singular' and needed to exercise my own voice. My book is a selection of columns I wrote over 15 years for a small community monthly, and was published early this year by Nodin Press. It is a series of short essays and tales (funny, sad, moving) of family and community life. It's available from, or better yet through your local bookstore. Or send $19 (includes shipping) to Turning 40 Productions, 126 North Third St., Suite 201, Minneapolis, MN 55401 for a signed copy from me. Or you can e-mail

"I could make this leap because my four children are finally out the door, with two grandchildren in Malawi, Southeast Africa, and two in Santa Fe. My wife is still Susan Williams, persistently bright-eyed, sexy and dangerous. We have lived in Minneapolis for 25 years. I sometimes work in Southern California on writing projects, and we try (and fail) to live much of the summer at our house on Mackinac Island, MI, where occasionally I find a note on the porch from Dr. Miles Trumbull, a revered opthomologist from nearby Harbor Springs who apparently sails by Mackinac only when I am not there.

"I also hear from Jay Wholley, a well-known sculptor in iron who has pioneered a technique for painting with iron filings on paper. Jay is married to Marie-Noelle Moginie, lives in Tuxedo Park, NY, is a professor of Art at Ramapo State, and shows at prominent galleries and museums across the country. I hope to arrange a museum show for him in Minneapolis; his work certainly deserves it." Thanks for the letter, Jim, and for a copy of your book and the millennium card showing the whole clan (you all look disgustingly healthy, by the way). The book is a terrific read; I covered part of it while on vacation and am looking forward to my next plane trip so I can finish it uninterrupted.

Only Big Greener Larry Goss could choose a new home (Rockport, MA) with the zip code "01966." His wife, Sharon, is interim minister at the First Congregational Church in Rockport and they live in the parsonage in the heart of the village, two blocks from the harbor (going from Dartmouth dorm to parsonage does not bode well for the school's reputation). Larry wrote that his "commute to Salem State has been cut in half as we previously lived in Exeter, NH, just up the street from Jeff Fellows. Our daughter, Laura, works for the US State Dept. in Boston, and our son, Peter, is about to start grad school at the University of Oregon. He spent the summer running a dorm for Cornell in Ithaca."


Al Macdonald, vice chairman of Hallmark Health Systems and executive director of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, was recently elected as secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Hospital Association. MHA is a not-for-profit organization representing the collective interests of hospitals and health systems throughout the state.


In Memoriam

The College recently notified me of the death of William Garry, who succumbed to lung cancer in June. While at Dartmouth, Bill was a member of the Players, the DOC and WDCR, and was a Senior Fellow. He is survived by his wife, Mary, who resides at 835 Leonard Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90049-1326.

That's all for now; I'm looking forward to getting the next batch of your cards and letters, and to seeing you at the 35th if not before.


Jim Lustenader
7 Boudinot Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-3007