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Winter 2000/2001


Dear Classmates:

In case you haven't heard, there's a big reunion brewing: June 10-14, 2001, will see '66s back on campus for what promises to be an outstanding get together. Reunion Chairman Al Keiller and his crack staff of volunteers have put together a program of informative, energetic (for the non-couch potatoes among us) and relaxing activities, all of which are outlined on the enclosed schedule. Also enclosed with this letter are 1) a response card that Al would like you to fill out and return to him as soon as possible so that we can get an indication of your plans, and 2) a refrigerator magnet courtesy of Chuck Sherman (assuming they reached the alumni office in time for the mailing).

As you will see from the schedule, there really will be something for everybody regardless of their "lifestage" (a wonderful marketing term that saves a lot of superfluous copy about kids, grandkids, estate planning, staying healthy in old age, etc.). So take a look, mark your calendar and return the response card to Al, hopefully with a resounding "yes".


Since so little time has elapsed since the last newsletter, I have received relatively few notes from classmates and some of those (the cards, not the classmates) were badly shredded by the USPS. Bob Serenbetz is on the board, so I trust this won't happen again. Nevertheless, here goes…

Chandler and Virginia Newton have moved into the Suncook United Methodist parsonage following Virginia's appointment as the fulltime minister. Chandler continues to be chaplain and bereavement coordinator for the hospice in Manchester, NH, and was honored in October with the Good Samaritan Award in religion; Jeff and Nancy Fellows were in attendance. The Newtons can be reached at 160 Main St., Suncook, NH, 03275.

Rob Cleary writes from Denver (528 Williams St., 80218) that "I've seen Peter Richardson at our Colorado fishing camp, a place to relax where we enjoy small fish in a big environment. Otherwise, enjoyed a visit with Don Graves, Caleb Loring, Pete Richardson, Steve Zeller, Josh Grindley and Greg Eden at the fall SOMF Forum. I'd like to compare notes with any other classmates who have Parkinson's disease." Rob's e-mail address is and his phone is 303-355-9221.

I received the upper half of a green card (without the sender's name, compliments of the Postal Service) from a classmate in Connecticut who wrote that "wife Judy and I continue to enjoy our practice of physical therapy and internal medicine now in its 25th year. We've tried to preserve some sanity and personal time by limiting our HMO involvement. Son Jonathan was a founding partner in the Madison Avenue law firm of Abraham and Lerner this year. He also married Melissa McCaffrey, Princeton '95, who teaches history at the Pingry School in NJ. She coaches soccer and lacrosse there and has recently taken on deanship duties as well. Twin son Joe is halfway through a PhD program in epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health and…" End of transmission. It was a great note--please identify yourself so I can put your name in the next letter.

Wayne LoCurto had better luck with his note: "All of my news is one the personal side. Our 8th grandchild was born August 30 and the 9th came along on September 13. Number 10 is due in early January. The mothers, fathers, babies and grandparents are all fine and very busy". Baby gifts can be sent to 2 Owenoke Park, Westport, CT, 06880 and congrats can be e-mailed to

Richard Brigden joined the swelling ranks of the retired, trading his Senior VP spot at Wachovia Securities for a life of leisure. Rich writes that "Betsy and I have been married for 33 years and are enjoying life on Lake Norman (north of Charlotte, NC) and the flexibility to travel -- four continents in 2000. Still doing some consulting as RTB Financial Modeling. Younger daughter Kristin was married in October 1999 and lives with her husband, Jon, in a new home in suburban Charlotte. Older daughter Beth and her husband, Tom, had their second daughter in January. Kristin (NC State U. '93) is a social worker for physically and mentally handicapped kids. Beth (U. of Toledo '91 and Ohio State MBA '93) is a systems analyst consultant in Houston". The Brigdens are at 131 Wynswept Drive, Mooresville, NC, 28117, e-mail

That's it for now. Please don't forget to mail the reunion response card; more news on the event will be sent out as we get closer to the date.


Jim Lustenader
7 Boudinot Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Attachment: Preliminary 35 Year Reunion schedule: