Summer 2001


35th Reunion A Success

One hundred forty-two classmates, wives, friends and children attended a successful 35th reunion on the Hanover Plain from June 11-14.  Ably organized by Reunion Chair Al Keiller, with assistance from Reunion Treasurer Jim Weiskopf, Program Chair Gary Broughton, Hanover Liaison Robin Carpenter, Publicity Chair Jim Lustenader, and Favors Chair Chuck Sherman, the festivities included dinners at the Dartmouth Skiway's new McLane Lodge and the Hanover Inn, dancing to the beat of "The Flames", and a special exhibit of works by Class of 1966 authors at the new Rauner Special Collections Library at Webster Hall.

Doug Hill led a hike of several classmates to the top of Mount Moosilauke on Sunday, June 10; the only anecdote relayed to us non-hikers was that Judy Abraham shared a bedroom with among others Graeme Bell, John Oberdorfer, Bob Cowden, and presumably Rich Abraham.  The less athletic joined with Tennis Chair Steve Lanfer for a couple of hours of hitting the yellow ball; the awards ceremony, during one of "The Flames" breaks, was somewhat confusing but we gather that Tom Lips blew away most of the competition and that Debbie Kaiser won an award for some undisclosed accomplishment.

Rich Kaiser led the most fit and athletically accomplished among us in a round of golf at the "under renovation" Hanover Country Club.  Neal Zimmerman beat Steve Warhover in a matching of cards for low gross and Jack Calhoun won the "Most Honest Golfer" award.  Chris Burkholder and Jon Colby  were other winners for "Longest Drive" and "Closest to the Pin" competitions. Chris also led an outstanding ladies" foursome of Jane Higgins, Jo Keiller, and Anne Warhover with low gross and low net.

Peter Prichard led an excellent panel "2001 Trends: The Routes Ahead" with the assistance of Rich Abraham on medical trends, Budge Gere on morality and spiritual trends, and Chuck Sherman on technology trends. The Class of 1966 Survey conducted before the reunion (referred to later) provided grist for some of the material presented.

I was ably assisted by Tom Lips and Alan Rottenberg on the second panel "Top 10 List of Financial Planning Ideas".  Tom started the program with a humorous look at investing and Alan closed the program with the benefits, both financial and altruistic, to charitable giving.  Copies of the "List" and Tom"s "Investment Guidelines" are available at the class website at

A highlight of the reunion was a tour of the new Berry Library by classmate George Berry.  The application of new technology to the Baker Library complex was incredibly impressive.

Reunion Head Co-agents Bob Spence and Rick Reiss, representing the class, presented President James Wright with a check for $1,111,966 from the Class at the Hanover Inn dinner.  For all who participated, a big thank you.

The best part of any reunion is, of course, the opportunity to chat with old friends and touch base with new ones.  Special recognition goes to Rock Ley (Hawaii) and  John Barbieri (England) for traveling the farthest to join us in Hanover.

New Class Officers Elected

At the Class Meeting held during the reunion, Bill Higgins and Steve Warhover were elected co-Presidents of the class for the next five years.  Also elected were Chuck Sherman as Vice President, Larry Geiger as Secretary, and Jim Weiskopf as Treasurer.

Bill and Steve then announced the following appointments: Al Keiller Mini-Reunion Chair, Rich Daly, Alan Rottenberg, and Tom Lips Bequest Chairmen, Bob Spence  Alumni Fund Head Agent, Chuck Sherman Webmaster, and Bob Serenbetz Newsletter Editor.  Steve and Bill are currently recruiting the balance of the Class Executive Committee.

Other News

Among those unable to make the reunion was Bill Roberts, who celebrated the 91st birthday of his father, Joseph Roberts "32.  Bill will definitely be back in Hanover for the mini-reunion October 19-20.

Jim and Betsy Nutt, unable to make the reunion because of Betsy"s teaching commitments, will again be sponsoring a picnic at their home in Blue Bell, PA August 12 for the Alumni Club of Philadelphia to meet members of the Dartmouth Class of 2005.

Jim Tent missed the reunion because of a commitment to participate in a conference at the University of Heidelberg, but made a commitment to attend the 40th or 50th (how about the 45th as well, Jim?).

Steve Coles, another of our Hawaii residents and Research Zoologist at the Bishop Museum, missed the reunion due to a 30th anniversary trip with Renuka to Australia and New Zealand, but sent along his self-published book "Corals of Oman", based on his three years of living in the Middle East, for our "Class Authors" exhibit.

Frank Blod will be shortly joining the small, but growing group of class retirees.  Frank plans to stay in New Canaan, CT and put up a shingle for marketing consulting.  He has been a Partner in the consulting side of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Ted Thompson and Ann Crory planned to "tie the knot" in the Upper Valley in mid-July.  Those of us who participated on the Canoe Trip last August will recall Ann"s parasol!

Speaking of the canoe trip, Tim and Toni Urban"s son Jonathan, an alumnus of the Canoe Trip, will become a member of the Class of 2005 at Dartmouth.

Halsey and Isabel Bullen were in Italy during the reunion, visiting their daughter who is a student in Florence.  Activities included a Walking Tour in Tuscany, exactly a week after Karen and I had taken the same trip.

Elizabeth Lustenader will be retiring from TimeLife (or I guess I should say AOL/TimeWarner) after many years as senior editor at Time Magazine.  Liz plans to audit courses at Princeton while Jim continues offering marketing solutions to his clients at Dugan, Valva, Contess.

From the return address on his questionnaire, I learned that Don and Lin Ries have left Japan and are now at the American School of Bucharest in Romania.  Sorry, Don, for having missed that piece of news.


Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

Mike Bromley writes that son Chris just graduated from Gonzaga Law and promptly announced his engagement.  Daughter Pamela, already at Princeton on an NSF grant getting a PhD in political science, got another grant to spend the summer at the University of Geneva. Rebecca has been promoted to the District Court Bench in Colorado Springs, the highest level trial court.  With all this success around him, Mike is merely "plugging away" at the practice of law.  Mike can be reached at

My old Hitchcock dorm mate Bruce Drake writes, "Since I have never appeared in the Alumni News, let me go back a bit.  I took the Stanford MBA route after college and after three years in D.C. returned to Seattle for a University of Washington PhD in Business.  I taught at a couple of schools and now am a professor at the University of Portland teaching organizational behavior.  I have been married thirty years to a wonderful wife, Eileen, who is a labor and employment attorney.  We have two boys: Kevin, a sophomore in engineering at Santa Clara, and Patrick, who will be a freshman at the University of Portland.  Free time is spent at Willapa Bay on the Washington coast, working on an old wood trawler, skiing at Mt. Hood, looking for antiques, planting rhodies, or taking our third westie for a walk.  Life is good in the Northwest."  Bruce can be reached at

Bob Baldwin writes, "Finally, I find I"m spending less time with my small CPA practice and more time with my hobbies.  This winter I"m working on learning to telemark ski and it is an incredible amount of work!  All that up and down business certainly provides a challenge to these old thighs.  Once the skis go into storage, the sailboat comes out.  We have to take extended trips with family and friends gunkholing (?) up and down the Maine coast.  When I"m not busy with these sports or the inevitable house projects, I"ve been busy studying the Italian language and culture and helping out with our Rotary Club"s Youth Exchange Program.  With all these wonderful passions it"s sometimes difficult to find time for work." Bob and Jan missed the reunion to put Bob"s language skills to work during a trip to Italy.  Did you see the Bullens, Bob?  Sounds like we may have had enough folks in Italy for a mini-reunion!!

A recent article in California"s "Contra Costa Times" described the job Skip Battle is doing to revive ASK JEEVES, the internet search engine.  An alumnus of Stanford Business School and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Skip took on his first CEO job in December after having served as a member of the Company"s Board.  First quarter results, according to the article, showed an improving revenue trend to $19.1 million, although losses still amounted to $39 million, down from $47 million a year ago.  The article describes Skip"s successful efforts to relate to his young employee group and his sayings (e.g. "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while") that have become part of the corporate lexicon.  Skip"s wife Hilary is Chief Philanthropy Officer at the Foundation for National Progress; son Dan graduated from Dartmouth in June and daughter Emily will join Jonathan Urban in the Class of 2005.  For those who wish to track Skip"s progress, look up ASKJ on the Nasdaq. 


Speaking of mini-reunions, our next one will be in Hanover for the Homecoming game on October 19-20.  Al Keiller has prepared a schedule and sign-up sheet on Page 7 of this Class Newsletter.

You will also find on Page 6 a survey to be used by Al in planning future mini-reunions.  While the survey was handed out at the reunion and emailed to classmates, Al would like as many responses as possible, so please respond if you haven"t already.

Future Newsletters and Class Communication

I would like to plan at least four newsletters a year and take advantage of new technology that allows the use of color and pictures at reasonably affordable prices.  So"please help by sending in family or classmate photos (particularly any 35th Reunion shots you may have taken) and any news, by mail to me at PO Box 1127, Newtown, PA 18940, by fax at 215-598-0770, by phone at 215-598-0262, or by email at

Please also check out our class website at; you will see the results of our Class Reunion Survey, which I will discuss in future issues, as well as mini-reunion schedules from Al, reports from the winners of our John Sloan Dickey Foundation Class of 1966 Fellowships, email addresses for classmates, and photos of class activities.  If you have not yet added your email address, please contact Chuck Sherman at the website.  Please also ensure that your email address is up-to-date.