The Great Class of Dartmouth 1966
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Class of 1966 Bunkhouse Site Plan - Click here for full-sized plan.

We want to encourage you to look forward to the Spring when we will be completing construction of the ’66 Bunkhouse at Moosilauke in time for its dedication on Thursday, June 9, the opening of our 50th Reunion.

Many ’66s joined a host of volunteers last fall during the initial construction phase, which concluded in early November. Work will resume the week of April 27 with the focus on interior work. Lead by David Hooke ’84, co-owner of Timber Homes Vermont, the plan is to have up to 5 volunteers midweek and 10 on the weekends. The deal is 24 hours of free Lodge services (meals and a bunk) per day worked.

We encourage you to enjoy a day or more of very satisfying work on our Class’s living legacy. The fellowship with Classmates, other volunteers of all ages, and the professional builders is priceless.

Work will be Wednesday-Sunday each week; longer is better, but any amount of commitment is great. We have had folks do three long weekends in a row, or a full week, or a weekend, or a day. It all helps, and there’s plenty to do. The deal is 24 hours free Lodge services per day worked. We can handle 5 volunteers midweek, 10 on weekends. All skills taught, plenty of tools onsite. Contact David Hooke at for more information and to sign up.

  • Week of 4/27: Drywall (for firewalls) mud and tape. Build floor then raise frame of composting toilet (frame cut by TimberHomes) and install roof. Painfully cute little building...
  • Week of 5/4: Panel the firewalls and other partitions. Complete the toilet building. On the weekend, build floor, raise the frame and complete the woodshed.
  • Week of 5/11: Complete all remaining exterior siding (above porch roofs); bunk slat cutting, start bunk framing.
  • Week of 5/18: Build bunks, install window and door trim.
  • Week of 5/25: Install cabinets, shelving, and woodstove; sand and oil interior surfaces.
  • Week of 6/1: Finish floors and all remaining interior finish; mattress/pillow derby on the weekend.

Finally, don’t hesitate to call Al Keiller (802-230-6238) or email him at if you have any questions or comments. He will enjoy the opportunity to talk about our upcoming 50th Reunion, our Class Gift, or anything Dartmouth.

Video by David Kotz

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