The Great Class of Dartmouth 1966
The Road Continues...

Invocation at the
Dedication of the Dartmouth College
Class of 1966 Bunkhouse at Mount Moosilauke
June 9, 2016

Most holy Creator of all things bright and beautiful, of all creatures great and small: we give thanks for this moment in time and in the history of Dartmouth, that we, the Class of 1966, united in common purpose with one another and with others, might dedicate this gift for the enjoyment and enrichment of present and future generations.

We ask that this bunkhouse, made a reality by the generosity and labor of many, be a place where bodies find rest, souls are refreshed, and spirits are rejuvenated.

May this structure—built by many caring hands and broad shoulders—add to making this place called Moosilauke sacred space for countless generations. May friendships be forged and community built, embodying the spirit of Dartmouth both on this holy ground and around the girdled earth.

This evening we recognize the generous individual gifts of substance and of labor that have made this building a reality. May all who have given know their gifts will live on whether it be in the minds and hearts of peagreen first year students or veteran septuagenarian hikers with the hill-winds in their veins gained by trekking miles of the Appalachian Trail.

All this we ask in your name. Amen.

--Rev. Dr. Brewster H. Gere, Jr. ’66